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How to become a webhosting reseller

Web space reseller or hosting reseller packages include Domain Hostings which allows you to host domains with assigned Web space and bandwidth based on web hosting companies package, Multi-Platform Reseller Package Comes with Web space and bandwidth Reseller Package in Windows, Linux, and Java. This reseller package also provides the option of making Sub Resellers.

It is a form of web hosting that allows you to purchase your own share of bandwidth and disk space in the form of a package from a web hosting provider, just like a shared web hosting package, but allows you to create your own client accounts allowing you to resell your web space and bandwidth as your own web hosting packages. Reseller web hosting packages allow you to achieve something which could only previously be achieved with the purchase of a VPS Hosting or dedicated hosting server. Reseller hosting accounts are normally hosted on the same server as other reseller web hosting accounts and in some cases shared web hosting accounts; this means that the reliability of reseller web hosting isn't great, and you should bare this in mind when offering your web hosting packages.

Like shared web hosting packages, reseller web hosting packages are hosted on high specification servers to try and guarantee a high level of uptime, although this can be made difficult by the nature of shared hosting servers due to the fact that they are popular targets for malicious attackers. Reseller web hosting servers normally have other software installed on them apart from the core services such as a control panel that are needed on a web hosting server. These additional pieces of software may include programs such as RVSkins to allow you to provide your clients with a customized version of cPanel design wise, or a monitoring system so that your web host is notified when a problem occurs with the server on which your reseller hosting account is hosted.

Reseller web hosting is popular with website designers and those who want to start their own web hosting business, since it is a cheap way to get started with providing cheap web hosting accounts to those who may need them. Unlike a VPS Hosting or dedicated server, you don't have your own server that you have the responsibility of upkeeping with a standard reseller hosting account, meaning that you can get on with running your hosting business or designing websites whilst you have a knowledgable support team that you can rely on and full back on if you need to. Most web hosting providers have a 24×7 support team that you can use if you have a general query or if you have a problem with your reseller web hosting account that you need sorted. The main benefit of a 24×7 support team is that if a server happens to fail during the night, the problem is more likely to be sorted ASAP.

in conclusion a reseller webhosting account is a cheaper hosting alternative to a Virtual private server or a dedicated server if the sole purpose is going to be hosting your own web hosting or design clients. A reseller web hosting account will in most cases come with access to a 24×7 support team meaning that if there are any problems with the server that your account is hosted on, they are more likely to be sorted quicker than if you were with a web hosting provider that didn't provide 24×7 support. You will also be provided with access to a control panel so that you are able to create and manage hosting accounts for your web hosting clients, and control panels are normally web based meaning that you can access them from any internet connected computer.

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HostingPalace has the innovative webhosting technology to implement in the web hosting domestic market. The web hosting Panel provided by HostingPalace as control panel of your domain is one among the best in the current market. It is your domain control panel, from where you manage all aspects of your domain and its contents. The domain control panel provided by web hosting company has been designed with the intention of making it easier for an individual to even act as a domain registrar possessing an authority to register a domain for self or for its clients and every now and then on the basis of requirement he can modify the web hosting account with every new update hence the domain resellers can benefit from such technology with the authority to register domain for its clients. It has become more user-friendly and more reliable.

When you access your web hosting account, everything you need is available right there in hosting panel or domain control panel itself.

The main tools available within your panels let you do the basic domain and webspace administration required to keep your website in order. You can set or reset your login details, ftp details and email accounts from web hosting control panel. You can access and maintain all your databases from your web hosting control panel as well, review basic statistics of your website, check your bandwidth use, check which scripts are supported, block certain IP addresses(depends on the web hosting package terms) from accessing your website, check for and clear up viruses, make a backup of your entire site, and other general maintenance actions, or grooming, of your domain.

If your web hosting plan allows it, you can actually set up different domains within your single account and control them all through your hosting or domain control panel.

Within your webhosting panel, you will more often than not find a handy little extra applications called file manager. It is what made easier for a client to deploy website files in webspace without taking the help of ftp account.Inbuilt feature of webhosting panel helps doing so, and this brilliant tool really comes as a handy element for hosting resellers who in this case every now and then need not have to memorize or search for ftp login information for different domains of its clients . It is not restricted to limited upload or download. One can deploy unlimited files in its webspace using the feature however restricted to limited upload in some online software at one time due to unavailability to browse for unlimited files. Bandwidth doesnt get much affected with such move and unlimited upload and download can easily be taken into process(incase the package has unlimited webspace and bandwidth facility).

Some hosting panel has the feature of adding java applications separately to its webspace package. As java is an important and widely used application most of the web hosting companies will make it sure the compatible features to enable the java application resides in the online software or control panel.

Many web hosting companies have added online shopping application in its webspace packages which helps clients to add up the application to its website at ease rather swaying the process of manipulation and editing. These comes free nowadays with web hosting packages. Most of the web hosting companies have included such applications for free in its web hosting package to let their client get benefited for hosting web applications.

HostingPalace has started providing free search engine submission for its 2 years old clients.Based on the demand of our clients which they are looking to get for free along with their web hosting i.e webspace packages HostingPalace has stated implementing this technique to help our clients to submit their website URL for free in over 8 lakh search engines.

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting where the web space owner has the power to use his/her selected hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites through third parties. The reseller buys the hosts services indiscriminate and then uses to trades them to his clients to make profit. The definite piece of hard drive and bandwidth is owed to reseller account. In order to attain the reseller may lease a devoted server from a hosting business or resell shared hosting services. If this type of business the reseller is simply given the consent to sell a definite piece disk space and bandwidth to his own customers with no renting a server from a web hosting business he signed an agreement for a reseller account with.

The distinctive web hosting reseller might be a web developer web design company, or systems integrator who presents web hosting as an append service. Reseller hosting is an economical means for web hosting capitalists to start a business. Most reseller hosting charts permit resellers to make their own service charts and select their own pricing arrangement. In most time, resellers set up their own branding by means of customized control panels and name servers.

Reseller hosting do not needs broad knowledge of the technical features of web hosting. Generally, the main datacenter is liable for maintaining network communications and hardware, and the dedicated server proprietor configures/updates/ secures the server. A reseller is liable for bordering among his/her own client base, but any hardware, software and connectivity problems are usually promoted to the server supplier from whom the reseller plan was purchased.

By the help of point and click Control Panels, resellers can set up and control client accounts by means of a web interface. The Billing software is also trendy among resellers, as it mechanizes account creation and billing. Most of the reseller hosting companies presents different reseller hosting plans.

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Internet has become an effective tool to perform ecommerce activities. A large number of websites are run on Internet for selling and promoting business products or services. Reseller hosting is the popular business option on the Internet and it is business of selling web hosting service to businessmen. In the process of providing web hosting service the service owner of account can host the websites of third parties by making use of bandwidth and hard drive allotted to him or her.

The reseller hosting can provide hosting service in two ways such as by renting the serving of hosting company or by reselling shared webhosting services. In the process of shared webhosting service, the reseller can sell a specific amount of bandwidth and disk space to his or her customers without taking a server on rent from an Internet hosting company with which he or she has signed for a service account.

A modern reseller hosting company should possess a highly professional design and structure, a skilled and supportive team members and a highly competitive policing of pricing.
These days there are many reseller hosting companies in the market which sell web hosting services at competitive prices. In this way it is not easy for a reseller hosting company to maintain its existence in the market and it must offer all the tools which are necessary for providing strong base to one's business. The essential features of a good reseller company are wide variety of plans, flexible and affordable pricing policy, multiple add-on services, and variety of templates. The control panel offered by a reseller web hosting company should be multilingual and use-friendly. A reseller hosting company should respond to a client in transparent and prompt manner.

The service of reseller hosting can be helpful for the people who want to purchase limited web space for different purposes as they can acquire web space at cost effective prices. Thus reseller hosting service can save money of the client who needs limited web space and on the other hand it is equally beneficial for a reseller of hosting service as he or she can generate good amount of money through it.

A reseller hosting service is actually beneficial for a small business or a new businessman as his need not to spend much money in getting hosting service. One can hire the services of a reseller at initial stage of one's business and can start one's own empire of web hosting service in the long run.

If one is searching for a good reseller hosting company one should choose it after a proper market research for acquiring such type of services at cost effective prices.

The business of reseller web hosting is gaining momentum in the industry of web hosting and it can be a good source of income for web masters who are engaged in this activity.

When people think about reseller hosting, they are talking about a type of hosting account that lets you divide one large package into various smaller ones. With the adaptability you can even resell these packages to other customers. . With this type of setup your host manages the servers so you don't need any kind of server maintenance experience, one of the biggest obstacles to running a web hosting company. That means you can start your own web company with relatively little knowledge and money as long as you know a few things about how the internet works.

The Reseller hosting concept is a briskly growing industry. This is due to the simple fact that it is an economical way for hosting entrepreneurs to begin doing business in the field. This type of hosting is commonly used by companies or individuals who hope to start a small web hosting company, and is also chosen by developers, designers or internet consultants. From a cost point of view, it is a economical arrangement for webmasters who want to manage and host many sites with separate control panels. It certainly has the possibility to be a very profitable business if the costs and margins are well-managed. Resellers are able to offer custom web hosting packages for specific customers that are perhaps not offered by any of the current hosting providers. This added by the fact that resellers can better control the quality of service since they can pick their servers.

The host you buy your reseller hosting package from will normally allow you to setup your own packages, although some times you get access to predefined packages the host offers. In either case you can set your own prices that you charge your clients. The tools you'll have access to will allow you to setup your customers and do a lot of the basic support tasks, even if you don't have a lot of experience.Some hosts will even give you free or discounted access to billing software, which will make offering hosting even easier.

Reseller hosting is a great idea for anyone looking to get started making money with a hosting company. It allows you to learn other aspects of running a company before you are ultimately responsible for the largest thing, the servers. Since you don't need to know how to run servers the amount of knowledge and effort required is greatly reduced. Thousands of new sites are being created each and every day, so start your reseller business today and get in on this rush.

The Internet became the effective tool to execute actions of electronic commerce. A considerable quantity of websites operates on the Internet to sell and advance business products or services. Rendering of hosting of the trading intermediary is a popular business choice on the Internet; also this is business of sale of service of rendering of hosting of a network to businessmen. In the course of maintenance of service of rendering of hosting of a network the owner of service of the account can receive visitors behind websites of the third parties, using a pass-band and the store on the hard disks, allocated to him or her.

Rendering of hosting of the trading intermediary can provide service of rendering of hosting by two ways, such as renting service of rendering of hosting behind the company or reselling the divided rendering of hosting of a network. In the course of the divided rendering of hosting of a website, the trading intermediary can sell certain quantity of a pass-band and the disk space or to the clients, without taking a server on a rent from the company of rendering of hosting of the Internet from which he or she has undersigned at the expense of service.

The modern company of rendering of hosting of the trading intermediary should possess very professional project and the structure qualified both favorable members of team and very competitive protection of estimation.

These days there are many companies of rendering of hosting of a website of the trading intermediary in the market which sell services of rendering of hosting of a network in competitive prices.

Thus it is not easy to support for the company of rendering of hosting of the trading intermediary its existence in the market, and it should offer all tools which are necessary to provide a strong basis to business. Essential features of the good company of the trading intermediary are a wide variety of plans, the flexible and possible policy of estimation, repeated services of addition and a variety of templates. The control panel offered by the company of rendering of hosting of a network of the trading intermediary should be multilingual and favorable for use. The company of rendering of hosting of the trading intermediary should answer the client in a transparent and fast manner.

Service of rendering of hosting of the trading intermediary can be useful for people who wish to buy the limited place of a network in the various purposes as they can get a network place under the effective prices in expenses. Thus service of rendering of hosting of the trading intermediary can save money of the client, who requires the limited place of a network, and on the other hand, it is equally favorable to the trading intermediary of rendering of hosting behind service as he or she can make the good sum of money through it. It is possible to employ services of the trading intermediary in an initial stage of business and to begin own empire of service of rendering of hosting of a network finally.

If you search for the good company of rendering of hosting of a website of the trading intermediary, it is necessary to choose it after appropriate studying of market conditions to get such type of services in the effective prices in expenses.

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And as a perk – a final piece of advice. Today the online technologies give you a truly unique chance to choose what you require at the best terms which are available on the market. Funny, but most of the people don't use this opportunity. In real practice it means that you must use all the tools of today to get the information that you need.

Those who desire great flexibility may not be suited for a reseller account. However, this is the perfect solution for someone trying to profit in the web hosting industry. With reseller hosting you are provided with an administrative panel such as WHM (Web Host Manager) which allows you to maintain your account. This includes all the features you are provided with as well as the disk space and bandwidth for your clients. WHM gives you the ability to provide your customers with cPanel which they use to administer their accounts. Some providers offer private label plans, meaning you can brand your company name into the business, adding more credibility in the eyes of potential clients. In many cases, a reseller account can run so efficiently that customers have no idea they are dealing with a middleman.

Reseller hosting is a concept that you may have come across, but like many people, you may be unclear as to what it actually is. In this article, we'll give you a brief overview of reseller hosting, and how you can become most profitably involved in this booming online business sector.

In a nutshell, reseller hosting is a bit like sub-letting an apartment - or more accurately, sub-letting each individual room in an apartment. You lease a chunk of web server space from a parent company, divide it up into smaller chunks or hosting packages, and sell it on to other people. As far as your customers are concerned, you're a hosting company, although from your point of view, all the tricky stuff such as technical support continues to be handled by the parent company.

act as a referral partner for the parent company. This is a safe and easy option for reseller hosting, since it doesn't involve you having to run customer accounts. Instead, you earn commission for every customer you refer to the parent company who then signs up. The downside to this option is that you need to have an online marketing presence, through a review website or ad campaign

start small. One of the great advantages of reseller hosting is that you only need a computer and an internet connection to get started - you don't need to invest lots of money or get to grips with complicated technical applications. For that reason, you should start by concentrating on reselling web space. This is simple and straightforward, and a good way to earn whilst building a client base and gaining experience.

for the same reason, it's also a good idea to start with shared hosting, since this is the simplest form of web hosting that you can resell. As your business expands, you can look at offering more advanced reseller services, such as dedicated and co-located hosting, domain name registration and merchant accounts.

work towards getting your own server. This will give you a greater share of the profits over time. However, it also involves greater responsibility for maintenance, back-up and repair, so you should only consider this option when you are confident that you can handle these technical requirements.

don't neglect your marketing and sales strategy. Your reseller business won't make money if nobody can find you. So be very clear on who your target customers are, and how you can reach them. This means constructing a well-optimized home site for your reseller hosting business, and running a well-targeted ad campaign.

finally, don't be afraid to ask for help, guidance and customer feedback. There is plenty of free advice available on the web to help you decide on the approach that will best suit your purposes. Remember, you may need to try several approaches before you find the reseller hosting strategy that works for you.

Its business model is pretty much the same with any offline retailing business – the reseller may purchase the hosting capacities (bandwidth/hard disk space/software/CPU power) themselves at cheaper rates and then sell them at higher "retail" rates. Typically, hosting resellers often operate their business under an independent brand or label. In other words, a hosting reseller will not inform the end users that he/she is selling someone else's services.

It does not need extensive technical knowledge to be a hosting reseller. In most cases, the data center operator is the responsible party for hardware maintenance and configurations. A hosting reseller is more like an agent where his/her jobs are mainly interfacing with the existing customers and winning more new customers. This is why a hosting reseller firm often spend greatly on advertising campaigns.

Reliability Needless to say, your reputation as a hosting reseller depends a lot on the quality of your provider's servers and network. Make sure that you stick with reseller hosting provider that has strong uptime record or the sky will be falling on your business.

Customer Supports Efficient customer support is another important characteristic you should be looking for. Remember that you will have a lot of different clients to handle thus chances of things get screwed up are very high. A dedicated team of technical support that are able to respond to your requests is extremely important.

Web Hosting Features Basic hosting features like bandwidth, disk space, and addon domain capacity are vital for hosting resellers as these are the 'products' that determine how many accounts you can create and sell. More allocated bandwidth or addon domains means more profits.

Scalability If you are just starting out reselling hosting services, you may want to pay for only a few domains at a time, and provide a very basic range of applications. However, as your business grows, the number of sites you service will increase and you may also need to increase the range of applications you can provide your customers.

To have long chain customers with your own brand name and make money without the hassle of managing and maintaining servers? Well, then becoming a reseller web host can be the best venture. But before getting into the details it is important to know the concept of Reseller Web Hosting and how it differs from the original/actual Web Hosting provider.

An actual hosting provider typically sells services from the servers that it owns and maintains. They manage machines, network, DNS and the actual uplinks to the Internet backbone and computer(s) operating as server(s). They are the first hand providers of the web space services and offer 24/7 technical support. Any query is entertained by them directly.

Reseller Web Hosting on the other hand, enables you to start your own Internet based web space selling with the least or no start-up cost and technical equipment. A reselling hosting concept is somewhat similar to that of a retailer. A retailer procures the goods from the manufacturer and further sells them to make profit. A reseller is merely a merchant who sells the services provided by the actual hosting provider. Resellers do not have their own servers or network or any technical paraphernalia. The queries are also relayed to the actual host provider.

Before becoming a Reseller Web Host it is essential to decide on what you wish to offer. Some resellers provide Web Hosting at a cheap rate and look to capitalise on the quantity. Alternatively, some design firms offer Reseller Web Hosting to augment their designing offerings and increase their customer base.

This allows you to be anonymous by not letting the end user know whether you are a reseller or the actual provider. A private partner is constantly in touch with the actual provider who provides all the necessary information and tools to sell the services as your own.

Public Partners – Here you get affiliate with the Hosting provider. It is your responsibility to find the customers. When the potential customers get converted into actual customers, the public partners are paid commission on each conversion.

Once the above aspects have been taken into consideration and your website has been created, the final step is to advertise it. Aggressive advertisement acts as a catalyst for your website with exotic design and web hosting.

Reseller Web Hosting is a wonderful concept that lets you make money without much hassle and effort. It makes the entire venture lucrative and exciting.



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