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The True Score of VoIP User in China, Internet and Mobility Combined in One

china internet mobile user voip

The True Score of VoIP User in China, Internet and Mobility Combined in One

Voice over Internet Protocol, or commonly known as VoIP, was first introduced in the North America and European countries and proved to be a "hot item" in the modern communication industry. In addition, the popularity of VoIP system increased further when VoIP system providers introduced the mass-market VoIP services, which allows VoIP subscribers to make and receive voice calls over the traditional PSTN or public switched telephone networks. It resulted to cheaper system maintenance and low monthly subscriptions. In addition, most VoIP system providers are offering unlimited voice calls within domestic applications (areas within the United States, for instance) as well to some other parts of the world, particularly in Canada and selected European and Asian countries for a fixed monthly fee.

If you will take a look on the VoIP's continuous saga on the modern communication industry, you will notice that the main reason for such huge popularity of the system is the cheaper maintenance cost and mobile advantage over traditional telephone lines. VoIP service providers offers monthly subscription cost for as low as 60 percent compared to traditional telephone lines, which makes it cost-effective, especially for small businesses. Hence, if you are maintaining 4 telephone lines and you are averaging $300 per line in terms of monthly subscription cost, you will be able to save as much as $180 per line alone if you will use VoIP instead. That would bring down your telephone bills to $120 per line or a total of $480 compared to $1,200 in all of your 4 telephone lines.

Another noticeable feature of VoIP over traditional telephone networks is its mobile advantage. VoIP allows you to travel anywhere and could still receive and make voice calls using your VoIP phone. For instance, if you have a Detroit phone number and you are traveling in Great Britain, anyone can still make a phone call to you provided that you are connected to the Internet. In addition, your VoIP phone can integrate with other services provided over the Internet such as data exchange, audio conferencing, and video conversation. Such advantage, within cheaper cost, is possible using the VoIP communication system.

The VoIP market is not just expanding on United States, Canada, and European territories alone. In fact, the Asian VoIP market is also making its way as one of the huge-expanding VoIP markets around the world. The revenues of VoIP usage in Asia is projected to reach $10 billion in 2009 from $5.5 billion reported in 2004. Most Asian VoIP users utilize the broadband-based phone system to make international calls, which is said to be a major development in the VoIP market in Asia. Currently, there are approximately 8.7 million existing VoIP lines in use in Asia.

The volume of VoIP users in Asia came from China, which is projected to have over 1 billion regular telephone users and 200 million Internet users by 2010. It is also projected that China will have as much as 400 million mobile users within 2010. However, it is believed that the statistics will decline, following the huge popularity of VoIP in the United States and European territories. Once the Chinese are educated with the advantage and benefits of using VoIP communication system both for residential and business application, market analysts believe that the billion telephone users will drop by as much as 40 percent, based on the projection of VoIP market share increase in Asia.

Currently, the VoIP market in Asia is projected to have a total revenue of $5.5 billion in 2007. About a quarter of these earnings would be spent on Internet Protocol exchanges to open more VoIP lines for Chinese users. The projected revenues of Chinese VoIP market is expected to hit at $7.8 million in 2010, if the subscription in VoIP usage will increase within the projected percentage increase of 13.5 percent annually.

The Asian VoIP market, particularly the Chinese market share, is expected to be as huge as the United States and European VoIP market by 2010. However, the projection will depend on how China and other Asian nations will react on the VoIP communication system. If they learn the benefits of VoIP, the statistics will materialize, and China will go on the VoIP way.
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Cheap and Fast Software

Cheap and Fast Software

An Introduction to Shareware

Visit any computer store today and you'll find what seems like miles and miles of software on sale. Certainly enticing buys, there are a few problems with buying software off the shelves. On the shelf, software - otherwise known as "commercial software" - can be expensive, and incompatible, and outdated when compared to what's available online. Fortunately, there's an alternative to commercial software and although it isn't new, it's one of the most under-exploited opportunities in the computer industry.

We're talking about shareware - software that you can try before buying.

Shareware has a long history and was rather popular in the days where BBS (bulletin board systems) reigned the online industry. It hasn't gone anywhere, but its competition with commercial software is fierce - so fierce that it tends to fall on the back burner among new computer users. This is unfortunate because shareware has so many advantages over commercial software.

One of those advantages is its cost. On the whole, shareware is generally cheaper than commercial software. But don't misinterpret the cost. With shareware, cheap does not equal low-quality and there are plenty of examples that prove shareware often outperforms the quality of commercial software time and time again. How much savings are we talking about? You could purchase a quality word processor, spreadsheet, database program, or system utility anywhere from a mere $15 to under a hundred. This is almost unheard of in stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, or Egghead, yet the shareware programs offered within this price range rival even Microsoft's Office suite.

Another advantage that shareware has over commercial software is its compatibility. We're not saying that shareware is compatible with all operating systems. What we're saying is that since we can try shareware before paying for it, we can determine if the software is completely compatible with our systems first. In other words, we can discover whether the software performs the way we want them to and should anyone try to do the same with commercial software, they'll be in for a big disappointment.

Commercial software policy doesn't even allow for returns, let alone "borrowing" them to try them.

The last advantage that shareware has over commercial software (but certainly not the least) is its applicability. Plain and simple, shareware is the best bet when you want to keep on top of the latest release of a particular program. Sure, computer stores do their best to keep their inventory up to date, but when you can download version 5.6042 of a shareware program as opposed to buying a commercial 3.0 version from the local computer shop, there's just no comparison.

Which brings up our next point. Just where does one get shareware? Shareware is all over the Internet and it's really hard not to bump into it. The most popular places to find shareware is within thousands of download libraries, however the companies (and even independent programmers behind shareware) are increasingly offering shareware from their own websites. A simple Google or Yahoo search for a particular type of program will yield all sorts of results that point you toward items that you can try before you buy.

Be aware however, that because shareware is not commercial software, you may not experience a full program the way you would if you bought the software out of a box. Shareware may or may not be limited - meaning that some functions may not be available to you until the program is paid for. These limitations are often small and don't interfere with the way its full version operations. They're really just implemented as a way to prompt payment. Remember that shareware is not freeware. You shouldn't try to use shareware as commercial software without paying for it.

About the only thing that's similar between shareware and commercial software is the way in which they may be bought. With a credit card, you can be the new owner of your own software within minutes.
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Buying Video Games for a Gaming Tot

Buying Video Games for a Gaming Tot

A Quick How To

Visit any video game outlet and you're bound to get overwhelmed by the hundreds of choices available - especially if you're new to gaming. Interestingly, children and teens seem to know their way around these places as if they were their second home. But for the adult, the typical video store looks like some sort of color paint explosion and sooner or later, all the games start to look the same. This guide is for the adult who's buying a game for a younger person perhaps as a birthday gift or as a bribe. Whatever the reason, you're going to appreciate the following tips.

1. Research this strange phenomenon before setting foot inside a video store. There's plenty of information available about video games online, so to reduce frustration offline, fire up your web browser and do a little homework. Visit the website of the gaming outlet nearest you and then look for a link to the games section of the system that your youngster plays. Here's a helpful chart to explain what all those strange letters mean.

Wii = Nintendo's Wii System
EA Sports = Entertainment Arts System
PS3 = Playstation 3 System
XBOX 360 = Microsoft's XBOX 360 System
PC = Personal Computer
PS2 = Playstation 2 System
PSP = Playstation Portable System
DS = Nintendo's DS System

The key is to locate the system on the store's website first. The system, it's accessories, and all of the games that work on that system will follow. If not, you may need to use the website's internal search engine.

2. After locating the appropriate games section for your youngster's machine, check out the ratings of each game and create a temporary shopping list of age appropriate material. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) gives each game a rating in an effort to inform parents what their children are playing. Here's a handy reference to what the ratings mean:

C = Appropriate for Early childhood
E = Appropriate for Everyone
E 10+ = Appropriate for Everyone aged 10 and older
T = Appropriate for Teens
M = Appropriate for Mature Adults

3. Within your temporary shopping list, try find a game that's built from the latest movie release. Little people love the new animated movies put out by Disney and Pixar, and they really enjoy re-living precious moments in the movie in a video game. That's why when these movies come out on DVD, their producers put a few games in the "Special Features section" of the CDs.

4. If you can't find a game that's built from a movie that the child likes, try to find a game that centers around a popular cartoon character or one that attempts to educate.

5. If you still can't find one that resembles something that you've heard this particular person rambling on about, first give yourself a slight slap on the hand. You should pay better attention. Then point your browser to the nearest Blockbuster or Hollywood Video website. Follow the same procedure outlined in steps 1 - 3 only this time, elect to rent 5 or 6 games that look appealing. This will give your tot a chance to play some games and select one to keep forever while you return the others.

6. If on the other hand, you did find a game in step 3 or 4, you can either check out online, or drive up to the store and buy it there.

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but the illustrations on the both video and pc game cases do a pretty good job of representing the game's content. So if you see an illustration of fighting warriors, chances are the game will be more violent than you prefer. If on the other hand, you see an illustration that resembles what you'd see on the cover of an interesting children's book, the game should be age appropriate.
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Buying a Computer

Buying a Computer

What To Do And Why 

It isn't fair, but buying a computer is just plain easier for some than it is for others. Those who've purchased and used a computer in the past already have an idea of what they need in a new computer. But those who are new to the computer world could get lost in the myriad of choices available.

The short answer to "What should I buy?" is "The best." Of course that answer is extremely subjective because "the best" to one person is certainly different to another. Our definition of "the best" is the fastest and the biggest, but even that leaves the computer newbie confused. Here's a quick rundown of what the computer novice should do and why.

1. Buy a computer that includes basic peripherals. Every computer can be broken down into four major components: CPU unit, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. For the novice, it's best to buy a computer that has all of these components included so that when it's taken home, assembling the computer is a simple matter of plugging things in where they belong. Save the individual purchases of these components for those who have more experience.

2. Decide what you'll use the computer for. If you want to use your computer for cruising the web, sending email, or performing simple word-processing or spreadsheet tasks, a computer with the basic components that we just described should suffice. If you want to use a computer to help with a career in multimedia however, you're going to need to accessorize your system with a scanner, printer, digital camera, tablet, or digicam for example. If you want a computer to help with a career in music, you will need a quality microphone and set of speakers.

3. Create a budget and stick to it. How much can you afford to spend on a new computer? Although the prices of computers are decreasing, they can still create a hefty expense especially if you need additional peripherals described above. In addition, you'll need to figure in costs for maintenance, servicing, and insuring.

4. Start comparison shopping and look for the "fastest and biggest." By "fastest and biggest," we mean the computer with the fastest processor, the fastest modem, the biggest memory, and the biggest hard drive capacity. Even if you think that you'll never need the amount of speed or space available on the market today, it's important to have in the event that you truly do need that much in the future. Having such a large reserve will cut down on costs when the time comes to upgrade for more than what you may settle for in a computer that offers less.

5. Stick with the better-known brands. Venturing off the beaten path with lessor-known brands is again, an adventure for those who have more experience with computers. Although those better-known brands may be a tad bit more expensive, the computer novice will appreciate the comfort in purchasing a computer from a business that has a long record of building quality products, and that has the funds available for fulfilling returns, trades, servicing, and warranties.

6. Select a store. Having an idea of what you want in a computer and what kind of computer that you want, your only task left is to select the place in which you want to buy it. There are a number of places available including computer store outlets, online stores, auction sites, used computer stores, or your friendly neighborhood yard sale. For the computer novice, we recommend buying a computer from a physical store. In  a physical store, you have the opportunity to see the computer of interest in person and ask questions. New computer buyers also have access to store warranties, returns, trades, and services.

These suggestions should give the computer newbie a great start in selecting a quality computer for the first time and they apply to either Windows computers or Apple Macintosh computers. After making these decisions and finally selecting one that fits your needs, you can then venture into the fascinating world of software - a world that is just as grand as the world of hardware!
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VoipBuster, A Company That Will Provide You Free Calls

buster voip

VoipBuster, A Company That Will Provide You Free Calls

Today, free things are hard to find and everything may seem to be all for sale. From getting your food to making calls, all these things are offered with a price. However, because of the advancement of technology, there is now a way to call your friends and family who lives in different countries for free.

It is now possible for you to call your family and friends cost free, even if it is a long distance call. And, the best thing about it is that the calls are unlimited. With this kind of feature, who wouldn't want to get it? Another great thing about this is that it offers great features that will usually be expensive when you get it in a conventional landline phone.

If you are wondering what kind of service this is, it is called VoIP. First of all, one company that offers these services is called the VoipBuster. This company offers VoIP and also has great VoIP offers for its subscriber.

However, before you subscribe the services offered by VoipBuster, you first need to know all about VoIP first. Since VoIP is relatively a new technology, you need to know about it first in order to know what to expect with VoipBuster.

VoIP is very much like your conventional telephone where you make calls and receive calls. However, unlike your conventional landline phones, VoIP doesn't use telephone lines to transmit and receive signals. VoIP uses the internet to transmit and receive data. And, for this reason, VoIP will be able to provide you with better voice quality and faster transmission rate. This is because your voice is converted into digital format, and transmitted in the internet. You will also receive digital signals from the person you are speaking to in digital signal. This is one of the main advantages of VoIP.

Another great thing about this technology is that it is able to offer its user's great additional telephone features for free as a standard package where it can tend to be an expensive add on in conventional landline phones. Features such as three-way calling, caller ID, return call, audio conferencing, call waiting, video conferencing and others are offered by VoIP as a standard feature. This means more value for your money.

Long distance calls also tend to be cheaper in VoIP than on conventional landline phones. Some companies even offer free calls. However, this only happens when the person on the other end of the line is also subscribed to the same VoIP service provider you are subscribed in.

However, VoipBuster offers free VoIP to landline, VoIP to VoIP, and VoIP to mobile phone calls absolutely for free. Here are the countries that you can call for free if you use the VoipBuster:

•    United States
•    Taiwan
•    Switzerland
•    Spain
•    South Korea
•    Singapore
•    Andorra
•    Austria
•    Australia
•    Canada
•    Chile
•    Cyprus
•    Belgium
•    Denmark
•    Finland
•    Estonia
•    France
•    Hong Kong
•    Ireland
•    Iceland
•    Italy
•    Japan
•    Liechtenstein
•    Luxemburg
•    Monaco
•    Malaysia
•    Netherlands
•    New Zealand
•    Norway
•    Panama
•    Portugal
•    Puerto Rico

Although you need to top up your account to make these calls, it is definitely a great and cheap way to get in touch with your family and friends. By purchasing credits, you will be entitled to 120 Freedays. This means that you can call people in the mentioned countries at no cost at all. If the 120 days expires, the normal rates for calls will apply. However, because it uses the VoIP technology, you can expect that the normal rates will be far lower than the normal rates in conventional landline phones.

If you are interested in getting the VoipBuster services, all you need to do is have an active high speed internet connection, download the VoipBuster program in your computer, register and start making free calls. If you need to call other countries besides the mentioned countries, VoipBuster normal rates will apply.

With the available 120 days of free calls to the mentioned countries, just imagine how many of your family and friends you can call at an unlimited time. With VoipBuster, you'll never worry about large phone bills when making long distance or overseas calls again.
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VOIP, An Effective Solution to your Business Communication

business solution voip

VOIP, An Effective Solution to your Business Communication

Communication is undoubtedly one of the essential parts of putting up a successful business venture. You need to have an effective communication channel within the walls of your internal business organization to facilitate the harmonious relationship among various functions of your organization, which is vital in terms of favorable delivery of products and services to the clients you are catering to. Also, aside from the internal communication matters of your business venture, you also have to satisfy good communication channel outside the walls of your organization, particularly with your suppliers, business partners and associates, and your clientele to establish your business as one of the successful entrepreneurial organizations in the business world. Thus, you cannot take for granted the capability of communication in making your business venture a success.

Business communication is all about effective interaction within and outside the walls of your business organization. For instance, the marketing and production departments of your company need to work hand in hand in order to come up with an effective marketing strategy for product and service delivery to the public. At the same time, the hierarchy of your business organization (you, being the overall manager and some of your marketing advisers) needs to communicate with the public you are targeting to sell your products or services through advertising companies and business associates.

Those aforementioned scenarios are mostly reliable on telecommunication, which is the top solution in business communication nowadays. See that ringing phones everyday in your business office or your mobile phone constantly vibrating to remind you that your business partner is waiting for your nod on a particular business deal? Telecommunication is an effective business communication solution.

As time passes by, the telecom industry is evolving to come up with the latest offerings in terms of more sophisticated, highly efficient, and cost effective tools in business communication. If you think regular phone lines and mobile phones are just what you need for your business communication, you may start thinking about it once again.

Most practical entrepreneurs always look for something that will provide them both advantage and convenience at the same time. Thus, when they heard about the Voice over Internet Protocol, or most commonly known as VoIP, they take a shot of it and see for themselves how it is to have a VoIP system integrated with their business communication system.

The VoIP Basics

VoIP is similar to your traditional communication networks (your regular phone line and mobile phone units), only that communication mediums are now high-speed broadband Internet connection. Because of the wide availability of Internet nowadays as well as the reliability of the system in terms of exchanging data, the cost of using VoIP in communication is much cheaper than maintaining traditional phone lines and at the same time the voice quality is more audible.

The VoIP Benefits

The most important benefit of using VoIP as your business communication solution is its cost-effectiveness. Most VoIP service providers offer lower voice call costs by as much as 40 to 60 percent less than the traditional voice calls. Therefore, if you are maintaining five different phone lines and you are averaging about $300 per phone line, you will be able to save as much as $180 per phone line if you will maintain a VoIP system instead. In addition, there are VoIP-based phone calls that are offered free of charge in limited areas, depending on your VoIP service provider and product that you are using.

Other benefits of VoIP system for your business communication are as follows:

•    There are built-in functions that are useful for your business communication such as voice mail, call routing, and call waiting. Most of these call features are also available to regular telephone lines for additional charges, which is contrary to the VoIP package.
•    VoIP is flexible, thus you can adjust the system well based on your specific business needs. For instance, if you need more VoIP lines, you need not to reapply for another line. Instead, you will just upgrade your existing VoIP subscription at a lower cost.
•    Lastly, VoIP is easy to use. You need not to have too many technical people to handle the system.

VoIP is not just a simple product. It is an effective business communication solution to maintain harmonious relationship within and outside the walls of your corporate organization. You will not regret-instead, you will be thankful you have a VoIP as your primary communication tool for your business venture.
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Security for Your Business, Wireless VoIP Signal

business security signal voip wireless

Security for Your Business, Wireless VoIP Signal

If you are a businessman, you keep a lot of information in your office. Information such as business strategies, and business secrets would be included in the information that you keep inside your office. This is why you want to secure this information and keep it confidential in order to have the edge against your competitors. Leaking information can mean disaster and in some cases, it meant losing a lot of money and risking bankruptcy.

This is why you should secure all these information inside your office. Today, most information is filed inside a computer. Because of this, you need a kind of software that will allow you to safely secure all of your business information inside your computer. Software such as anti-hacking, anti-virus, anti-spyware and others are essential.

However, you will also share information through a tool called the telephone. As much as possible, you would want some form of security in order to prevent eavesdroppers from listening to your phone conversations.

Today, because of the advancement of technology, VoIP is gaining more popular than ever before. VoIP is a very promising tool that will enable your business to be more productive and be more efficient than ever before. Like the conventional telephone, VoIP is simply another kind of telephone but more advanced. Unlike regular telephones, VoIP offers cheaper long distance calls, and free features that will usually cost a lot of money in conventional telephones. Features such as three-way calling, audio conferencing, video conferencing, text messaging, call waiting and other features are provided in VoIP for free as a standard feature.

With this kind of advantage, no wonder more and more businesses are getting rid of their conventional telephone and are hooking up with VoIP. First of all, you may ask how VoIP made it possible. This is because VoIP is connected to the internet. As most people know, the internet provides data exchange for free. This means that VoIP uses the same technology to transmit and receive audio signals.

Because VoIP transmits and receives data signals through the internet, it is completely in digital format. This means that your voice will be clearer, sharper and reach the other line at a much faster rate than a conventional telephone.

Recently, Wireless VoIP is now getting more and more popular. With a Wi-Fi connection, it is now possible for you to call whoever you want with your Wireless VoIP phone anywhere you want as long as it is in the range of a Wi-Fi signal. Wi-Fi phones are now popping out of the market and are fast gaining popularity. Besides, it would be a lot more convenient to take and make calls in a tool that resembles a lot like a phone than setting your laptop up in a Wi-Fi hotspot to take and make calls from VoIP.

However, because the technology is wireless, there will be some questions about security. Obviously, you don't want someone eavesdropping on your Wi-Fi phone conversation via VoIP. This is why you should install a program in your Wi-Fi that authenticates a user by requesting a user name and password for them to access the signal and get into the network. There are also Wi-Fi IP phones available that is integrated with privacy software that will not let anyone listen on the conversation.

Encryption devices are widely available today. These kinds of devices are also available in Wi-Fi technology. You should try and get these encryption devices to secure your Wi-Fi connection and prevent anyone from the outside getting inside your office network. To increase security, you can also install a firewall in your Wi-Fi network. It is widely available and is a very effective tool to prevent hackers to eavesdrop in your office via the wireless network.

Choose a Wi-Fi VoIP phone that is integrated with security features, such as encryption and privacy software. It may be more expensive than standard Wi-Fi VoIP phones, but it will be worth it.

Always remember that your business will depend on the information you share or you get from outside sources. Securing this asset is one of the ways to protect your business. Remember this and you will be well on your way to protect your business.
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Broadband VoIP, The Best Phone System Today

broadband voip

Broadband VoIP, The Best Phone System Today

The telephone is very important for all people. It allows you to keep in touch with your family and friends and it also allows you to communicate with your business acquaintances. Today, with the advancement in communication technology, it allowed people to communicate more clearly at a very cheap rate. Some communication mediums are also provided for free, such as emails.

With all the different kinds of communication technology available today, you would definitely want the best kind of communication system available in order for you to communicate with your family, friends and business acquaintances more efficiently and also at a much cheaper rate.

This kind of technology is called VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. This is the latest technology available to all consumers all over the world to provide cheaper and more efficient calls. Unlike conventional phone systems, the VoIP uses the internet to transmit and receive voice and video signals. This means that the data transmitted is in digital format. Because it is in digital format, it will mean faster transmission rate at a much clearer and sharper audio quality.

Another great advantage of VoIP is that most VoIP service providers enable free calls within their subscribers. This means that if you are calling a person who is subscribed to the same VoIP service provider you are subscribed in wherever they are in the world you will be able to call them for free. There will be no hidden charges, and not a single cent will be charged to you. Not only will you be able to make free calls within the subscribers of the same VoIP service provider, but the best part is, the calls are unlimited.

Just imagine, if you are in the United States, and you are calling someone in the United Kingdom who is also subscribed to the same service provider you are subscribed in, you can talk for hours without worrying about the phone bill.

Not only are VoIP phones able to provide you with free calls, but they also charge far lower long distance fees and rates. For example, if you are calling from your VoIP phone to a landline phone in another state or in another country, the overseas or long distance call charges will be far lower than charges that you will have in conventional landline phones.

All of these things are just the beginning of the advantages of VoIP. One other advantage is that VoIP offers free features that are usually expensive in landline phones. Features such as three-way calling, video conferencing, caller ID, return call, call waiting and others are considered to be standard features of VoIP.

Because of these features, VoIP is considered to be the phone of the future.

However, you will need a broadband Internet connection for you to be able to maximize your usage for VoIP. You need a broadband or high speed Internet connection in order to transmit and receive data signals from the Internet at a faster rate. Without a broadband connection the calls can result to poor quality.

But, you should consider that most households and offices today uses a broadband internet connection and is readily available in almost every part of the United States, especially with the wireless internet capability that is widely available today. Broadband connection today is cheap and widely available, so getting VoIP in your home can be easy.

All you need to do is download a VoIP software program from the Internet from your preferred VoIP service provider website, register and start making those free and low cost calls.

The only disadvantage of VoIP is that when the Internet connection is down, you will not be able to make calls. Also, if you are using an IP phone used for VoIP and looks like a conventional phone, you can never use it if the power is out. This is because IP phones are dependent on home electricity to operate, unlike traditional phones where it has an independent source of power in their lines.

However, if you want to have a low cost phone call, VoIP is your best choice. Besides, electricity supply and internet connectivity is now getting more stable than ever before. With VoIP, you can be sure that you will be able to save a lot of money and also let you consider getting rid of your traditional landline phone.
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Beware of the Cyber Squatters

Beware of the Cyber Squatters

Your domain name could be stolen or given up to the evil entity known as the Cyber squatters whose main mission is to steal your web identity and this is how they do it. They could register YourDomainName.org, and do the same thing with YourDomainName.biz, therefore contacting you and try to sell you those names at advanced prices. If that doesn’t work, then the following events could happen.

They will allow your competitor to get a domain that sounds like yours, and allow him to cause confusion or try to steal your hard-earned traffic, business and clients.

Take these steps right now to halt the cyber squatters.

Have people go through you for authorization: Go through your domain name registrar and fill in a form that locks in authorized entities of your claim of other domain names. You can buy these names and keep them under your roof.  It will provide you information to include, such as contact information, who should be contacted if someone wants to register your domain, the character string you are claiming (this must be an EXACT match), description of your current products/services, when you began using that domain name.

You have a small window to accomplish filling out an authorized entry form. Check with your domain registrar for time frame windows in filling out an authorized entry form Failure to enter a claim during a certain time frame means the registering entities will not check to see if there is an equivalent .com, .net or .org name. They will not check the IP Claim Service database. Meaning, you could lose your .info or net-version of your domain name.

Don’t let cyber squatters shake you down and ruin what you have built up on the net. Get the rights and the authorization to similar or like names to your main domain name!
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Best VoIP Services: What to Look For

best voip services

Best VoIP Services: What to Look For

Today, the internet has provided a way for people to communicate for free. It virtually replaced conventional mails where it can be too slow for it to arrive to its destination. With emails, your letter can arrive to its destination in a matter of seconds. With this benefits, businesses and regular people alike are now taking advantage of emails as a way to communicate with their relatives at a faster rate and for free.

Another great thing about the internet is that it now allows you to chat with your family and friends for free. This service that everyone with an internet connection can take advantage of is called instant messenger. Today, this technology is now being used by a lot of people to chat even faster with their family and friends. This kind of program allows you to talk to your friends in real time via text chat.

There are even instant messengers that have features that will allow you to chat with your family and friends by using your voice. And, another great feature by instant messengers available today is that it allows you to activate your webcam. Through this piece of equipment, you will be able to let your family and friends see you and vice versa.

The internet definitely provides a great way for people to communicate and exchange information. With the upload and download features of the email and the instant messenger, you will be able to share your files with your family and friends. It can be a music file, it can be documents, and it can even be photos.

Today, many software providers have developed a new kind of communication system that takes advantage of the internet. This communication system combines the conventional telephone technology with the internet communication technology to create a new kind of telephone system. This new technology is called VoIP.

VoIP provides all the different features of a conventional telephone system, such as phone conferencing, call waiting, answering machine, fax machine, caller ID, and it allows you to call long distance, call mobile phones, and it also allows you to call conventional phones. Although the phone conferencing, call waiting, fax machine and caller ID capabilities is a service that you can get for free with VoIP phones, the long distance calls, mobile phone and conventional phone calls has a charge when you call these different phone systems. However, it is cheaper than conventional phones.

Another great thing about VoIP is that it allows you to call other VoIP phones wherever it is for free, provided that the VoIP phone you are calling is also subscribed to the VoIP service provider you are subscribed in. With this feature, you will avoid getting charged for every phone call you make.

You can also take advantage of video conferencing for free by just using your webcam. This VoIP service is standard and is provided by most VoIP service providers for free. This kind of service is impossible or is very expensive in conventional telephone systems.

Whether you use VoIP phones for business or for your home, it is definitely a very useful tool and also a phone that can replace your conventional telephone. With free and cheap phone calls, VoIP is definitely the phone system of the future.

There are a lot of VoIP service providers popping out in the market today. However, you have to choose the best kind of VoIP phones in order for you to take advantage of the technology. So, what makes a good VoIP service provider?

You have to look at the following factors in order to know what you need. The very first thing that you should have is an active high speed internet connection. If you have this, you are ready in getting VoIP installed in your home. A good VoIP phone system is a VoIP phone system that is used by most of your family, friends and business acquaintances. This means that you should subscribe to a VoIP service provider that your family, friends and acquaintances uses. This will be able to provide you with free phone calls.

The best kind of VoIP phone system is a system that will be able to provide you with all the standard features of VoIP. This means that the caller ID, video conferencing, audio conferencing, and other mentioned features should be included in the package at no extra charge.

You also have to make sure that the VoIP system you are subscribing from should be able to provide quality services. It should be able to let you enjoy real-time phone calls and should not delay communications.

These are the things that you should look for when getting the best VoIP phone system. With all these features, you will be able to get the best VoIP phone system available.
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The Importance of Spyware Removal Programs

Best Spyware Removal Programs

The Importance of Spyware Removal Programs

Spyware is a software that is seldom installed in computer just by surfing on a website. Sometimes it quickly installs in your computer whenever you download free software from a website. Once installed, it sends users information about web activities or habits to its website. Thus, it gathers users information and be able to use its accounts and other private information.

Spyware is a threat to the computer users. It is another act of theft of personal information that violates the privacy of internet users. It is important for the internet users to have knowledge about this spyware to be able to avoid it. There are spyware removal softwares that can be downloaded in internet for free while some are paid.

Just be sure that it’s really a spyware removal tool because some sites prompt you to install spyware removal tool but in fact, it is also a spyware. To avoid downloading spyware search for spyware removal software that can be downloaded to its official website and try free version.

Here are some of the spyware removal programs you can download:

1. Ad-Aware SE Personal. This is a spyware or adware removal tool that can be downloaded in internet for personal use in windows operating systems. It will scan your computer for malicious programs such as spyware. It will guide you to determine whether a program is a threat to your system and what does it do to your system. In just a matter of seconds it will delete the entire threatening program from your computer. Ad-Aware SE Personal and other version of Ad-Aware has been the most downloaded spyware removal program for the past year.

2. Spybot S&D. Spybot Search & Destroy is software that can remove and detect spyware programs of different types from your system. Spybot S&D is the most effective and popular spyware removal tool. Like Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D can also be used as a conjunction with other program because it detects and delete a bunch of spyware. This spyware removal program can be completely downloaded for free.

3. HiJack.  This is spyware removal tool that will make a report of all the browser add-ons, start-up items and buttons to guide you in determining malicious items and then finally remove it. This tool functions like ms config and more thorough in finding spyware. Once you run this, it will present to you a list of unwanted files and programs found on your registry. Your computer will still work well if you delete all the files and programs detected by this software.

4. IE-SPYAD. Compared to other spyware removal tool IE-SPYAD is a type of registry files that merge or adds a long list of marketers, advertisers and spyware. It goes to the restricted site zones of the Internet Explorer and blocks those sites from being accessed. IE-SPYAD will open a certain program and will immediately terminate if it’s a malicious one.

5. X-Cleaner. Like many other spyware removal program, X-Cleaner also perform Internet cache cleaning, cookie cleaning, scans lots of popular spyware programs and performs file shredding. Once the spyware programs were detected, you will select all the unwanted programs and then delete it. X-Cleaner can be downloaded for free with just limited features but there is also the professional version which gives a full support and added features.
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Best Operating System

Best Operating System

There is much controversy and speculation as to which operating system on the market is really the best operating system to use.  There are some people who say that one is better than the other, and there’s no doubt that everyone is going to have an operating system that they prefer.  Still others never really think about their operating system, so they have no opinion on which one is best.  They just use their computers and go on their merry ways.

So which is the best operating system?  Some people prefer Mac OS X.  This operating system was the first to integrate graphical user interface to make it easy to use.  GUI lets the user just point and click to open programs, use the programs, and navigate their system.  Mac OS X is usually used on Apple Macintosh computers and is often preferred by Mac users exclusively.

The new Linux operating system is taking the computer industry by storm.  More and more companies are embracing Linux as a viable alternative to other operating systems.  It was also developed with an easy-to-use GUI but it features more security and more options for the everyday user.  Linux is freeware and was designed to be used by both large mainframe servers as well as personal computers alike.

No discussion about the best operating system would be complete without mentioning Windows.  Most personal computers in the world are loaded with the Windows operating system, and it is certainly the most recognizable.  Many people feel that unequivocally, Windows is the best operating system to use.  But why?

To begin with, Windows is easy to use.  It also has a graphical user interface with flashy graphics and point and click technology.  Because most computers operate on Windows, it is easy for users to navigate a computer other than their own.  That means a college student, for example, can use their laptop in their dorm room and go to the library to use the computers there without having to know how to use the operating system.

However, Windows is not without its problems.  This operating system has been well known for having bugs causing it to crash for no reason.  However, Microsoft has addressed these problems quickly and provided patches that would prove to fix the problems with the system.  Their new product, Windows Vista, has been criticized as being too large to be run on most computers although it has been hailed as new technology like no other.

So which operating system is the best operating system?  The choices are diverse, but ultimately, it’s all up to the user to decide.
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Best Internet Security Software: Its Better to be Safe than Sorry

Best Internet Security Software: Its Better to be Safe than Sorry

You are fortunate to live in the “Cyber Age” when Internet is prevalent to the present society. The Internet, which is initially a valuable information resource tool, offered several benefits to other applications. The operation of different national governments around the world has never been easy without the Internet. The traditional courier services are now replaced by most fast and reliable electronic mail, or the famous email services. Banking is not just confined within the four walls of a bank; you can now monitor your deposits as well as make transactions using your bank account with their online banking services. Business became alive in the wee hours of the evening—thanks to the Internet for making it possible.

There are more and more people who take advantage of the benefits offered by the Internet. It is not just the most versatile communication tool nowadays, but also one of the best business opportunities to start with. However, because of the popularity and wide availability of the Internet, the online threat became one of the major problems for Internet users. In fact, various “cyber criminals” are starting to create chaos, shutting down computer systems one by one, creating virus programs that will destroy major network connections, and spyware that will sneak in various personal transactions on the Internet. Various Internet crimes are committed—identity theft (the usage of other’s identity), email scams, and others—plaguing the Internet community with different problems.

Because of these problems, Internet security suddenly became a big concern for all Internet users. Such problems must be addressed effectively, thus a lot of people want to have the best Internet security software for their protection.

To start with, an Internet security software is used to monitor various areas of the Internet that are being accessed by most users. One of the best Internet security software programs available in the market as well as on the Web for downloading is the web-filtering software. The access on frequently-visited areas is limited by this software. Thus, individuals who want to use the Internet can only access particular areas if they are authorized. Furthermore, it also blocks specific websites, such as pornographic sites, which is believed to contain viruses and spyware programs.

Other best Internet security software includes anti-virus software ad spyware scanning software. These two provides eminent virus and spyware protection from viruses (especially those advanced ones), hackers, and other forms of online threats. It also protects your online data against data thieves and hackers, who are using special programs to decode your passwords and gain access of useful information, such as the numbers of your driver's license and bank account information, which could be used for identity theft crime. These security software programs scan these viruses and spyware before its perpetrators could gain access to your personal information on the Internet.

It is true that the Internet provides many advantages to the public in terms of different applications. However, getting the best Internet security software must not be taken for granted. As long as different cyber criminals are on the loose, you can not deny the fact that Internet is one of the unsafe places to make any transactions. As many people would say, it is better to be safe than sorry.
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The Best Free Spyware Remover: It is in the net!

Best Free Spyware Remover

The Best Free Spyware Remover: It is in the net!

Once you start suspecting that there is a spyware in your computer system, you must act at once. The best thing to do is to get a spyware remover software. In case you do not know of the dangers of the spyware software, it has become a plague of the computer generation society. But then there is a way to prevent it. It is through the use of the spyware remover software.

As its sound goes, the spyware remover software is a kind of program that scans the computer files and settings and eliminates those malicious programs which you actually do not want to keep in your operating system.

The alarming rate of the growth of the spyware software is now too rampant that most people think of it as a big deal. Spyware is literally everywhere. And it is launching its attack! The spyware software is an invisible program that thrives inside your computer machine. Your naked eye is not keen with it. It has the unique capability of recording, collecting, and transferring your personal data through the means of the internet system but without your actual knowledge. The data collected from you can be used in many ways such as in stealing your identity or by ruining your credit reputation.

Spyware software is also referred to as the Sneakware, malware, adware, and snoopware. Whatever the name associated with it is, it is one thing that you as the computer user do not want to keep in your computer. As the task of the spyware software is to transmit your every little data to a third party, you have to stay on guard. Use a spyware remover software. You may want to try the best free spyware remover software which are offered in a number of websites.

The truth about spyware is that it imposes a grave threat to all of the internet users. What can save you from the harm it brings is to be knowledgeable enough about spyware removal. This can be your best defense against the hazards of spyware attack. How does spyware crawl into your computer system? How can you fight off the harm it can bring you? These things will all be rewarded to you as you get yourself educated about the facts of spyware. You must also know where and how to detect the presence of spyware in your computer operating system. After which, start to increase your awareness regarding the basic process of spyware removal. You can do this by inspecting your series of computer task list or by utilizing a reliable spyware removal programs and tools.

Do not ever think that you have no need for the spyware remover system. After all, it is not okay to have someone watching your every move and someone to steal your personal information. You need to exhibit all of the essential precautionary acts to protect yourself and your computer system. Always think about your safety. Always assume that there is a spyware software that has been activated in your network. It may not be as wicked as other computer viruses but surely it has its own evilness. The best free spyware remover software can be found on the web industry. Just settle for the trusted one. You surely do not want to end up being ditched!
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Manmadhan Ambu - Hitting bull's eye

Doing a hilarious entertainer is no tough task for Kamal Haasan and K S Ravikumar duo. Their previous encounters (barring 'Dasvatharam') proved a point that they are masters in the trade. 'Manmadhan Ambu' is obviously a cakewalk for the two, who give one of the best entertainers for Tamil cinema.
Hold on. Who said comedy movies should not have a strong storyline? 'Manmadhan Ambu' does have strong script backed by a taut screenplay. Forget the likes of 'Thenali, Avvai Shanmugi' or 'Panchathanthiram', fasten your seat belts to laugh out loud with logical sequences, and 'Manmadhan Ambu' is right there to entertain you.
It has some entertaining elements, sentiments and emotions. Spying on one's beloved seems to be the crux. A possessive industrialist hiring a private detective to follow his ladylove, who is on a holiday abroad and the sequences aftermath the mission is what the movie is all about.
Lace it up with Kamal Haasan's perfection, Madhavan's buoyant performance as possessive lover, bubbly Trisha and Sangeetha, Ravikumar's directorial touches and Udhayanidhi Stalin's production values, the film no doubt impresses.
Unlike recent run-of-the-mill-stuff, the movie has signature Kamal Haasan style of sophistication from the word go. No flashy introduction, easy dialogue without punchlines and candy floss romance is what all the movie is.
If Kamal Haasan is the flesh and blood of the movie, Ravikumar injects life with his screenplay. He ensures that momentum is not lost anywhere (how when Kamal Haasan is at the scheme of things).
Devi Sri Prasad impresses with foot-taping peppy numbers. The combined effort of Manush Nandhan's camera capturing the huge cruiser and the landscapes of Paris, DSP's racy re-recording and the wizardry of Kamal Haasan and Ravikumar makes the movie count.
Madhanagopal (Madhavan), is the son of rich industrialist couple (Kitty and Usha Uthup). He is in love in Ambujakshi (Trisha), a popular actress. He happens to visit her at a shooting spot in Kodaikanal, where she shoots with actor Suriya.
Possessive by nature, Madhanagopal mistakes her when she speaks to Jyothika and Suriya's daughter over phone. Madhan and Ambujakshi pick up quarrel and eventually ends up in an argument.
Madhan, who had been to present a car to her as gift ends up travelling in the car with her arguing which meets with a freak mishap. Meanwhile there is one Deepa (Sangeetha), a divorcee with two children, who wants to live in her own way. She decides to spend her vacation abroad.
When Ambujakshi plans to go abroad for a break to spend her vacation, Madhan suspects her and hires the help of a private detective Mannar (Kamal Haasan). Mannar assures to do the task with a promise that Madhan sponsors for his friend Rajan's (Ramesh Aravind) medical expenses. He suffers from cancer.
Mannar sets out to Paris and later on a cruise where Ambujakshi and Deepa been to. Both Deepa and Ambujakshi become acquainted and spend time with gusto. Enters Mannar, who after following Ambujakshi closely finds out that she is a upright and a sincere girl, who thinks of no one but Madhan. When he informs this, a relieved Madhan backtracks from the promise he made to Mannar.
Hence Mannar hatches a conspiracy and comes out with a story saying that she is actually dating a man. An insecure Madhan now comes to Mannar again and urges him to stay there and follow her more closely.
Meanwhile, coming to know of Madhan's act, his parents go dissatisfied with him. Actually his mother wants him to marry one of their relative (played by Oviya of 'Kalavani' fame).
As it happens Mannar and Ambujakshi come to know each other. Mannar reveals that he was a commando in Indian army and that he was married to a French woman, whom he rescued from militants in Jammu Kashmir.
But Ambu is in for a shock when Mannar says she was killed in a recent mishap at Kodaikanal and that too when a luxury car knocked her down. All is now between Ambujakshi and Mannar. What happens from here on is narrated in an interesting manner. Did Madhan get Ambu or he repent for his act forms the climax.
Kamal Haasan is there right in every department. Be it the dialogues or the subtle silent expressions, he is breezy and entertaining. He is as solid as Sachin Tendulkar, fresh even after completing 50 centuries on the Test cricket ground. His one-liners and the agile stunt sequences are a delight for audience. Kamal has ensured that his fans are not disappointed all through.
Madhavan plays a bubbly romantic youth. The complex character of an over-possessive lover is handled well by him. Trisha is not far behind. She matches Kamal Haasan in every scene with her performance. Especially her subtle emotions, cherubic dance deserve a special mention.
Sangeetha is apt for the role. She casually dons it and gives one of her best. Also the likes of Ramesh Aravind Urvashi as Ramesh Aravind's wife Mallika, Kitty and Usha Uthup among others impresses. Malayalam stars Manju Pillai and Kunjan, who play producers running behind Trisha for dates, strike with their comical performance.
Shooting in a star cruiser and a majority of film in a foreign land has been made possible by Udhaynidhi Stalin. Having made a name for himself producing and distributing quality fare, he ensures 'Manmadhan Ambu' tops the list.
If the first half settles down to a pace, the second half takes off in a bigger way sustaining the momentum all through.
Three cheers to Kamal Haasan, a man who has entertained us for over 50 years, for continuing his job with same energy, enthusiasm and vigour. 'Manmadhan Ambu' may not be a 'Panchathanthiram' or 'Dasavatharam', but a perfect holiday entertainer with Kamal stamp all over it.
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Nil Kavani Sellathey - Eerie entertainer

 Thrillers are not made very often in Tamil cinema. Producer-director Anand Chakravarathy (the man behind ‘Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu’) has taken the guts to do a movie on this genre.
It is no amateurish kind of a thriller, rather a series attempt to present a spine-chilling entertainer, that is interesting in most parts.
A group of friends on a trip to a secluded place missing one after other sets the premise for an interesting film. Though the knot is apparently from Hollywood, Anand (who plays the lead role too) has given the nativity feel and ensured with whatever facility available to him is utlisied well to do a convincing film.
Sam (Anand Chakaravarthy), Jo (Dhaniska), Arun (Ramssy), Priya (Lakshmi Nair) and Milo (Jagan) head to a small village on a pleasure trip. And they reach the place despite a warning that it is not to going to be a nice trip.
As night arrives, what arrives along with it is a series of mysterious experiences. The friends are attacked one after other by an unidentified villain. In the meantime, a police officer too arrives at the village to unravel the mystery.
What is the reason behind the attacks? Will they survive? All these things are made clear in the climax, which has so much twists and turns, with some being clichéd and some quiet interesting.
The movie impresses thanks to a strong technical backup. The sleek cinematography comes to its rescue. Also the lighting sets up the mood. The thrilling scenes where the lead cast run for their lives have been picturised well.
Selva Ganesh’s music is another major highlight. Movies on such genre get strength from background score. Understanding this, Selva Ganesh has lent able support to the director in setting the mood of the film.
Due credits should go to Anand Chakravarthy. He has succeeded in all this three avatars. The other lead players, including ‘Maanja Velu’ and ‘Peranmai’ fame Dhanshika, have presented an impressive performance.
Without any crass comedy, dumb dance by the lead pair or fisticuffs defying gravitational force, ‘Nil Gavani Sellathey’ is an honest attempt as a thriller. Watching it once in a theatre could encourage more such attempts.
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Aattanayagan - Action replay

Sakthi joins the big league of actors by doing a mass masala movie with ‘Aatanayakan’. Unlike his earlier ventures which where dominated by love stories, the film directed by first timer Krishnaram is more a one-man show with Sakthi playing a messiah in his own style.
The actor flexes his muscles, bashes up baddies, romances and has a gang of friends with whom he indulges in comedy. Krishnaram has chosen a story that is oft-seen in Tamil seen right from MGR days.
But the shrewd director has induced some pace in the script with Sakthi executing it with gusto and right energy. Then there is the likes of Nasser, Adhitya Menon, Ravi Kale, Ramya Nambeesan and Santhanam among others chipping in with their seasoned performance to make it an engrossing fare.
The first half is breezy and revolves around Sakthi, the youngest son in a family, who is chided by elders for his irresponsible ways. He spends time with his friends and falls in love with a girl and sings a couple of duets.
The latter half is more inspired by ‘Devar Magan’, where the protagonist tries his best to stay away from violence, but finally forced to take arms, only to restore peace and harmony.
Lingam (Sakthi), the younger son of Nasser, leads life in his own way. He along with his set of friends (which includes Santhanam and ‘Lollu Sabha’ Jeeva) goes around town enjoying. But Lingam's father is against his ways. He often compares him with his elder brother Chandran (Adhitya Menon), who runs a software firm in Hyderabad and is caring towards the family. Lingam falls in love with Radhika (Ramya Nambeesan) and he decides to make her sister Indira (Meera Vasudevan) enter wedlock with his brother.
After their marriage, Chandran takes Indira to Hyderabad. But she comes across a startling truth that Chandran is none but a dreaded don in the capital city of Andhra Pradesh and that had hid this truth to his family.
The onus now falls on Lingam to set things right. He promises Indira and Radhika that he would bring his brother back to right ways. But a hindrance to his mission is Boppala Ram Babu (Ravi Kale), who has a score to settle with Chandran. Does Lingam succeeds in his mission or not forms the climax.
Sakthi is cool and ravishing. He plays his part well. Especially in comedy and dance sequences, he is at his best. Refreshing to see a heroine in Tamil cinema sans glamour. Three cheers to Ramya Nambeesan for that. Santhanam plays a typical comedican appearing as Sakthi's friend and there are many of his typical one-liner wits. Ravi Kale and his gang play the usual villains, while Nasser as dotting father and Adhitya Menonn as the don impress.
Vijay Milton's camera is cool. He picturises the village streets and that of the busy stretches in Hyderabad well. Harsha's editing could have been good in the second part. Srikanth Deva's music is loud and the tunes are too familiar.
Produced by Lakshmi Movie Makers, ‘Aaatanayakan’ ia a passable fare. Providing one a deja vu ride, the movie is commercial cocktail that is the order of the day in Kollywood.
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Easan - Believing in Sasikumar

There was enough curiosity over ‘Easan’ as it is the second film of Sasikumar after the cult ‘Subramaniapuram’ in 2008.
In his second film after two years, Sasikumar has set his focus on Chennai, its urban posh life, its merits and demerits. In the process he has touched upon the life styles of different social classes and their behaviors.
Before the release of this film Sasikumar had said, you can’t slot ‘Easan’ as a thriller or a love story. He was right and very right.
The story begins as a love story, then turns a thriller and then turns a revenge transgression and ends as a social crime novel. Sasikumar has handled the mix of genus rather well except for the length of the movie. A good three hours seems a bit dreary.
Story wise ‘Easan’ is not very innovative. It is a revenge for the killing of a girl after rape by a politician’s son and an honest police officer investigates the case braving pressures from the politico family.
Suspense is maintained till the interval as to who the killer could be. As a clever director, Sasikumar makes you change your guess every time with a lot of characters and sub scenes.  In fact, the game of guessing with a collage of incidents keeps the first half intact.
The story of ‘Easan’ is built by the characters and there is no hero or heroine or a villain or a comedian. Samuthirakani is not the hero, Abhinaya is not the heroine and AL Azhagappan is not the villain, There are around 20 characters and all characters play up to the story.
Casting is also a reason for the sincerity of the film. Samuthirakani as the police officer is subtle and focused. AL Azhagappan as the politician doesn’t look like a first timer. Vaibhav as a spoiled brat son of the politician and Abhinaya as the village girl turning a fashionable city girls are as good as always. Even the other characters those of new comer Aparna, Blessy, Niranjan and Nammo Narayana are good.
James Vasanthan has brought in a good dose of western flavor mixed with local music, which is new and interesting. But placing of most songs look they are item numbers and doesn’t blend with the story telling. But then James Vasanthan always played music to the story without looking for showcasing individual brilliance.
Technically the best done is the cinematography by SR Kathiir. His camera has captured the city night life and the village innocence in two distinctive styles, particularly the discotheque scenes and the opening village sequences. If at all there is one thing you would want to change is the editing. Many scenes could have been crisper and clichéd shots removed. The tedious lengths of scenes in many places actually destabilize the intentions of the director.
‘Easan’ is good by its scenes but knitting them could have been a little more compelling and pragmatic. You may be a little disillusioned if you go to ‘Easan’ expecting the magic of ‘Subramaniapuram’. But then ‘Easan’ is a paradigm shift.
We still believe Sasikumar is a great director capable of repeating the magic of ‘Subramaniapuram’.
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Sanikizhamai Sayangalam 5 Mani - Sanikkizhamai Sayangalam 5 Mani – Review - Sad Sat

 Featuring newcomers, the movie was widely publicised as the first flick made using HDSLR camera technology,
But for the cinematography, 'Sanikkizhamai Sayangalam 5 Mani' fails to impress in any department as it lacks logic in screenplay and coherence.
The rural thriller, which is shaky from the beginning, is about a girl, who goes missing and the desperate search by his lover to find her. Directed by Ravi Bharathi, the whole story unfolds from Saturday 5 pm to Saturday 5 pm the next week, justifying the title.
The movie tests our patience at many places. It has a slew of fresh faces with Sarath and Malini playing the lead roles. The only saving grace is cinematography, which is impressive and the use of still camera works wonders.
Maha (Malini), who elopes from her house in Kodaikanal to Vathalagundu to marry her boyfriend Sakthi (Sarath). On her way to meet him she suddenly goes missing. She speaks to Sakthi over phone during the journey, but suddenly vanishes.
Maha’s uncle is a police officer and he starts to search the girl. The blame falls on Sakthi, but he proves his innocence and begins his search for her. Eventually Sakthi and his friends find out the reason behind Maha going missing and a rude shock awaits them.
The movie stutters and staggers in pace. It is more clichéd and predictable. Sarath is passable while Malini disappoints. Music too is jarring. With an interesting knot, the film could have been interesting had the director made the script cogent and tight.
To sum it up, it is a question whether the film would cross next Saturday 5 pm in cinema halls.
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Virudhagiri - Captain's new innings

 With Assembly elections round the corner, obviously one expected a movie from Vijayakanth that speaks aloud his policies and political ideas.
Comes power-packed with punch typical in 'Captain' style is 'Virudhagiri'. What more he himself has directed the movie making sure that all what he thinks gets stuffed in the film.
One more to the long list of movies featuring Vijayakanth as police officer is this film, which has almost all characters mouthing laurels about him. They appear and disappear from the screen after hailing him the 'messiah of the masses'.
In a nutshell, the movie is about one upright ADGP Virudhagiri, a one-man army who captures international terrorists who are hell-bent on causing trouble to the peace and tranquility.
How he accomplishes the task has been narrated in the way one would have seen often in his flicks before. For die-hard Vijayakanth fans, there are plenty of punch dialogues besides gravity-defying stunt sequences where the protagonist flies, jumps, kicks and shoots with glee.
Besides stunts, the movie's other highlight are the songs, set to tunes by Sundar C Babu. The songs too glorify Vijayakanth and sings paeans on him. There are host of villains, who too heap laurels on Vijayakanth, before they are kicked and butchered by him.
Virudhagiri (Vijayakanth), the upright honest police officer, helps Scotland Yard police in thwarting  a murder bid on the British Prime Minister. He returns to Chennai and comes to know of the troubles and violent attacks faced by Indian students in Australia.
Meanwhile, his friend's daughter goes to Australia for studies and disappears. Now Viruthagiri has double task - rescue her and end the menace forever. He sets off to Sydney and begins his task in James Bond style. How he achieves the mission is the rest.
Vijayakanth is at his best in stunt sequences. He utters punch dialogues with gusto. But he has no pair for any romantic duets in the film. He seems to have donned the dual hat of direction and action with consummate ease. There are a host of artistes including Peeli Sivam, Kalai Rani, Mansoor Ali Khan, Shanmuga Rajan and Arun Pandian.
For die-hard fans of Vijayakanth, 'Virudhagiri' is a movie to cherish. For others, it’s a regular run-of-the-mill Vijayakanth stuff.
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Ayyanaar - Aadhi all the way Movie review

 Aadhi has gone the mass way after the thriller 'Eeram'. In 'Ayyanaar', produced by P L Thenappan, directed by Rajamithran, he plays an angry young man on revenge mode.
Rajamithran has chosen a family-story laced with love, care and fun. A sibling feud with thrill as its backdrop is what the movie is all about.
As like any other mass masala, it begins in a village and ends up in city with bloodbath.
Aadhi has Santhanam giving him company and as usual the comedian comes up with rib-tickling one-liners. Meera Nandan plays Aadhi's ladylove. Then there are host of baddies with whom Aadhi has to settle scores with.
Prabha (Aadhi) is the elder son of the family and he does nothing but spending all his time with his friends. He is chided by his father for that. Being a volleyball player comes to his rescue as he finds a part-time job as a volleyball coach in a women's college.
His younger brother works in a television channel and Prabha is often compared to him by the family, which incurs his wrath. The siblings cross swords with each other. One day the younger brother is killed and the blame falls on Prabhu.
He is on the run and soon joins a goonda working as a henchman to an influential politician (Mahadevan). Pabha goes on a killing spree killing one after another in the gang. Finally a flashback reveals that they were the reason for his brother's death.
Aadhi does the lead role with ease. Unlike 'Mirugam' and 'Eeram', he has more scope to perform. He is at his best in action sequences. He has a 'kuthu' number and a couple of duets too.
Meera Nandhan has limited scenes which she uses well. At a time when glamour is buzzword in Kollywood, Meera Nandhan is right there playing a homely girl. Santhanam is entertaining only in parts.
'Pithamagan' Mahadevan oozes venom in the role while Jayaprakash plays a caring father. Music by Thaman is good and 'Paniye Paniye...' is the pick of the album.
Rajamithran seems to have laced right commercial elements all through the film. The first half begins on a slow note and the story picks up momentum as it progresses.
Cinematography by Sethu Sriram deserves a special mention. All said, the movie has some clichéd portions and a sense of deja vu prevails at many places.
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Siddu Plus Two First Attempt - Passes the test

Expectations are always high when a K Bhagyaraj's movie is out. Amidst mindless masalas ruling the roost, he is one man who cares a lot for a cogent screenplay and that has fetched him enough laurels.
With 'Siddu Plus Two', he joins hands with his son Santhanu. The movie, presented by Moserbaer, promised that much was in store for the audience. Does it live up to all hype is the million dollar question here. One can say yes to an extent, as vintage Bhagyaraj is seen at many places.
Though the story is wafer-thin, Bhagyaraj makes it work by his shrewd screenplay. Interestingly, he has made a script woven around his son. Perhaps the dad has taken an extra leap while working with his son, so to say.
Siddu (Santhanu) and Pavithra (Chandini), meet at Chennai Central Railway station. Interestingly run away from their homes after failing in their higher secondary examination.
Siddu wants to end his life after spending a couple of days according to his wish. Soon he becomes acquainted with Chandini. They spend all time together and ensure that they really enjoy. They slowly start to fall for each other and then come problems and how they overcome is the rese of the story.
Santhanu is cool and breezy. He reminds Bhagyaraj in early 1980s. He is good at humour also. Chandini too impresses. Bhagyaraj has the knack of introducing right talents and Chandini is one more good addition to the long list of actresses introduced by him.
Bhagyaraj's scenes in 'Siddu Plus Two' remind his earlier movies. But at the same time refreshingly different from the mad crowd of films that we see these days.
All the characters in the film do have a stay. Dharan's music is a strength to the film. It has added pep to the proceedings. Bhagyaraj deserves appreciation for making the movie watchable by the whole family with less of violence and gore. However the tedious second half could have been trimmed. The movie's length is a letdown.
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Raththa Charithiram - Blood winner Movie review

Ram Gopal Varma is a pet child of controversies. Some of his biopics in the past invited the wrath of many. So is ‘Raththa Charithiram’, which created waves in Andhra Pradesh even before its release.
The movie on the life of AP politician Paritala Ravi makes one sit sraight and watch. Ramu seems to have done intense research to render an film movie which is strikingly different from run of the mill stuffs.
Thanks to a stellar performance by Suriya and intense show by Priyamani and Vivek Oberoi, ‘Raththa Charithiram’ makes it count. Add to it Shatrughan Sinha’s role, the movie leaves one spellbound.
Suriya lives as Suriyanarayanan, who is baying for the blood of his enemy. His subtle emotions, body language and dialogue delivery gives meaning to the movie. Suriya is right there giving one of his best performances as angry young man.
Pratap Ravi (Vivek Oberoi), who goes on a killing spree in Annathapuram to avenge the killers of his father, settles down to become a politician. He wins the Assembly election from Ananthapuram thanks to the blessings of actor-turned-Chief Minister (Shatrughan Sinha).
He bumps off all his enemies and their relatives and paints the town red. When everything goes well, an attempt on his life creates kerfuffle.
He comes to know that it was Suryanarayana (Suriya), who was waiting for an opportunity to avenge the deaths of his relatives, who got killed in the hands of Pratap.
DCP Mohan Prasadh (Sudeep) identifies the culprit as Suriya. He threatens Suriya to surrender to police holding his wife Bhavani (Priyamani) as captive. Soon, Suriya surrenders to police and goes to jail.
Ravi decides to bump off Suryia in jail but his attempts fail. Meanwhile, leaders of the opposition party, to settle scores with Ravi, volunteers to help Suriya. They decide to clip the wings of Ravi by making Bhavani as candidate in the elections in Ananthapuram.
Ravi now decides to kill Bhavani. Eventually Suriya hatches a plan and decides to execute it at a party meet convened by Ravi. Comes Suriya in disguise to realise his mission. Does he or not forms the climax.
Awesome is one word to describe Suriya's performance. His eyes emote well and in many scenes Ramu has zeroed in on his eyes to make one understand the scene. His diction and body language ooze revenge.
Priyamani is adequate. Vivek Oberoi matches Suriya in performance. However it’s Suriya who walks away with all honours.
Technically, it’s one of RGV's best. The slick editing, different colour tones used by cinematographer Amol Rathod adds to the momentum. Especially he has captured the stunt sequences really well.
But there is no denying that the movie oozes blood and gore. There are crude violent scenes. Bullets fly around. On the whole, it is a tight rope walk, but RGV manages to walk with ease.
Thanks to Suriya's performance and RGV's slick narration, ‘Raththa Charithiram’ is a movie that strikes a chord.
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Tha - Give, forgive Movie review

Perhaps inspired by the success of Sasikumar, Samuthirakani, Pandiraj and Sarkunam likes, a bevy of filmmakers are entering Kollywood with realistic stories set in rural milieu. R K Surya Prabhakar is one more in the list.
In ‘Tha’, the director who once assisted Samuthirakani has presented the tale of a group of friends with the main focus on the role played by debutant Sri Hari.
And it’s not just Sri Hari the fresher, but everyone from the producer to the heroine to the music composer.
Surya (Sri Hari) is a good-hearted tough guy who spends time with his set of friends at a village near Coimbatore.
He hates love till he gets a piece of advice from the sister of his friend, for assaulting her boyfriend.
This incident changes Surya’s attitude towards women and his parents start the bride hunting. They finalise Jothi (Nisha), a family friend’s daughter.
Both slowly start loving each other and everything goes well till Surya develops suspicion on Jothi for silly reasons. When he realises that the fault is on his part, everyone is ready to forgive him. But he decides otherwise. And what follows is an unexpected climax.
Sri Hari as Surya are apt in the roles of a rustic youth. Though Nisha is beautiful, she looks little alien to the character she has played.
New guys (Benito, Madhan, Shanmugam, Vettrivel and Govindan) as Sr Hari’s friends are apt. Subramani and Vasanthi, who play the protagonist’s parents, make the film work better.
Music by Sri Vijay reminds Ilayaraja. V S Devaraj’s camera work is good. With linear narrative in flashback, the film has some patience-testing scenes and abruptly-ending sequences. But you can’t avoid the feeling of having read a good short story while coming out of the theatre.
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Chikku Bhukku - Romantic ride Movie review

Romance never fails to entertain audience. Since the early days of cinema till now, it has been served in different flavours and whenever it is presented with perfection, it appealed to all sections of the movie-buffs.
From MKT to STR, it’s the stories that are loaded with romance that struck a chord with the masses. Joining the list is Arya, whose ‘Chikku Bhukku’ is an attempt at making a full-fledged love movie.
Manikandan, a former associate of cinematographer-director Jeeva, has ensured that the film oozes with romance all through. It draws comparison of love between 1980s and the present day.
More like Bollywoood’s ‘Love Aaj Kal’, the movie has two love stories woven in one.Also some traces of ‘Varanam Aayiram’ cannot be missed while watching ‘Chikku Bhukku’.
The film begins in London where Arjun (Arya), a disco Jockey, leads a happy life. Also there is Anu (Shriya), who completes her MBA. One day, Arjun is forced to come to his native village in Karaikudi to ensure that his ancestral property is not sold.
Also Anu too is forced to come to Madurai to meet her father who gets hurt in a mishap. The two strangers come together in a train. There begins their journey towards their respective destinations.
Meanwhile, a diary of Arjun's father pops out from his bag. He browses through it to understand his dad's love life. In flashback, the movie goes back to 1985. It is revealed that Sekar (Arya) returns to his village after getting selected as a Police.
He falls in love with Meenal (Preeta Rao). But when their romance comes to light, Sekar's family resists as caste comes in between. A dejected Sekar leaves to Police Training.
There he gets acquainted with Ammaiappan (Anoop), an innocent youth who is his colleague. He comes to know that Ammayappan is in love with his uncle's daughter. Sequence of events reveals that both love the same girl Meenal.
Meanwhile cut to present, Arjun and Anu after crossing several hurdles in their journey reach their respective houses. Now they realise that they have fallen for each other. Meanwhile a twist in the form of Anu’s father ensures all well end's well.
Arya is cool and casual. As father he is more sedate and cool, while the son is vibrant and bubbly. He is impressive in both acts, while Shriya plays her role with charm. Shriya, the beauty with brains, has delivered a commendable performance. Her expressions are noteworthy and in song sequences, her steps are something which leaves us in awe.
Preeta Rao passes the muster. Santhanam who appears in a separate comedy track is little disappointing.
Though Colonial Cousins Hariharan and Leslie have disappointed with their songs but for a couple of numbers, Pravin Mani's background makes it up. Cinematography has presented the modern London and the traditional Karaikudi in their typical style.
Costumes and art work are the two other highlights of the film. It seems the costumer and the art director worked with perfect understanding to give the feel of London and Karaikudi with their works.
Manikandan has tried to ensure that the movie has no dull moments. However at many places the scenes provides one a deja vu feel. Thanks to Arya's breezy performance, ‘Chikku Bhukku’ is cool to watch.
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Kanimozhi - Romancing romance Movie review

‘Kanimozhi’. It is a popular name in Tamilnadu for reasons known to all. A movie carrying such a powerful title evoked great curiosity among the audience. Starring Jai in the lead and directed by Sripathy Rangasamy, a former associate of Venkat Prabhu, ‘Kanimozhi’ lives up to expectations, but only in parts.
Produced by T Siva of Amma Creations and Sona of Uniq Productions, the movie is a romantic entertainer. Unlike commercial ventures where the hero and heroine meet each other and start romance, ‘Kanimozhi’ deals love in a different manner.
It explores love in two different perspectives. And the movie has some lighter moments thanks to Jai’s one liners. It begins on a slow note to gather momentum as it progresses. The live sound and some catchy background score by Suresh Chakravarthy worth a mention.
Jai is in his usual self playing with ease. Unlike his earlier films, he plays a full-fledged romantic youngster. He tries his hand at comedy too. Vijay Vasanth plays a prominent role while ‘Rocket Singh’ fame Shahzhan Padamse plays Jai's ladylove.
Jai is a viscom student who leads life like any other youth. He spends all his time with his classmates. He comes across a young girl (Shahazn Padamsee) and falls in love with her. Fearing to open his heart to her, he keeps his love within his heart.
On the other side, there is Vijay Vasanth, who is also crazy behind her. He unlike Jai is open and daring in all his approach. What happens after this? Who gets the girl is what ‘Kanimozhi ‘is all about.
Jai impresses. So is his friend Michael. Vijay Vasanth tries his best to utilise the opportunity. Shahzhan Pdamsee is mismatch as she lacks emotions. Music by Satish Chakravarthy is good especially the ‘Muzhu Madhi…’ number.
Director Sripathy has tried his best to move away from regular cinema in his maiden venture itself. And succeeds in his attempt to a certain extent. Good in parts, ‘Kanimozhi’ may not fulfill your expectations. But at the same time, it is not a total disappointment.
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Nandhalala - Mindblowing & Marvellous Movie review

Where to start? What to say? What not too? A sense of joy, solitude, despair and fun among other things run through one’s mind while watching Mysskin’s ‘Nandhalala’. After a long wait comes the movie which is nothing short of a marvel on screen.
At a time when commercial movies are considered watchable, Mysskin has rendered a film that combines all elements of movie making, which makes one gel with each and every character on screen.
A taut screenplay, scintillating shots and above all the flawless background score by Illayaraja sets up the momentum. A rare attempt on big screen, ‘Nandhalala’ goes on to say loudly that all hope is not lost in Tamil cinema.
Such movies show that the industry is still a director’s medium and those who know the language of cinema can render a classic without compromising on commercial values.
One of the very few full-length road films in Tamil cinema, the story of ‘Nandhalala’ is simple and straight forward. It’s the journey of two persons seeking to see their mothers, who had left them long back.
They come across various faces, emotions and nerve-wrecking experiences in the journey. A sense of joy and sorrow runs through our veins as we start to travel along with them.
Unlike Mysskin’s earlier attempts, which were loaded with action and naach-gaana, ‘Nandhalala’ kindles our soul straightaway. The complex characters, simple human faces and the funny encounters sustain interest all through. The movie doesn’t boast of macho-man stuff, lengthy dialogues or crass comedy. It is straight from the heart to touch our brains.
Baskar Mani (Mysskin), a mentally-challenged youth manages to escape from an asylum with the sole motive to reach his village and question his mother whey she dumped him there.
Aggi (Ashwath Ram), a school student brought up by his grand mother, comes to know that his mother is working in a village. So without informing his grand mother, he leaves the house on a journey to meet her.
At one point, the mentally-challenged Baskar and Aggi meet. They become friends. They set out together to fulfill their dreams. The travel they make on the road gives them many experiences.
On the way, the two comes across one commercial sex worker (Snighdha), who has none to care for. She joins them. They meet contrasting incidents in their villages. Eventually a shock awaits both Baskar and Aggi. The value of true love and care is underlined in a riveting climax.
Three cheers to Mysskin not just as a director but as an actor too. He brings out right emotions. Enacting a mentally challenged youth is no easy task. Especially towards the second half, Mysskin makes us cry and relate ourselves with his character.
Ashwath Ram impresses as a young boy yearning for mother's love. He is cool and casual in his act. The young kid has understood the burden on his shoulders and delivered it well.
Snighdha as commercial sex worker lives up to her character. Without makeup, she is there evoking right emotions. A host of new faces in the movie identify themselves with their roles. Watch out for actress Rohini and Nasser playing cameo.
The scene stealer is Illayaraja. The maestro has given flesh and blood to the movie. One wonders when was the last time we have seen the background score in a film evoking tears in our eyes. His good use of symphony orchestra is apt. Watch out for an 'Amma' song by the Isaignani in the movie.
Cinematographer Mahesh Muthusamy brings perfectly what Mysskin has conceived. The wide lens used by him to narrate the tale of two on a journey is amazing. His camera speaks a lot.
Due credit should be given to Ayngaran International for gathering guts to produce a film that is far from the madding crowd. Mysskin seems to have taken Tamil cinema to a new height. Hopefully the rest will take a cue and follow him. The film may be slow, but it is steady and wins the race too.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Best Free Spyware Remover: It is in the net!

Best Free Spyware Remover

The Best Free Spyware Remover: It is in the net!

Once you start suspecting that there is a spyware in your computer system, you must act at once. The best thing to do is to get a spyware remover software. In case you do not know of the dangers of the spyware software, it has become a plague of the computer generation society. But then there is a way to prevent it. It is through the use of the spyware remover software.

As its sound goes, the spyware remover software is a kind of program that scans the computer files and settings and eliminates those malicious programs which you actually do not want to keep in your operating system.

The alarming rate of the growth of the spyware software is now too rampant that most people think of it as a big deal. Spyware is literally everywhere. And it is launching its attack! The spyware software is an invisible program that thrives inside your computer machine. Your naked eye is not keen with it. It has the unique capability of recording, collecting, and transferring your personal data through the means of the internet system but without your actual knowledge. The data collected from you can be used in many ways such as in stealing your identity or by ruining your credit reputation.

Spyware software is also referred to as the Sneakware, malware, adware, and snoopware. Whatever the name associated with it is, it is one thing that you as the computer user do not want to keep in your computer. As the task of the spyware software is to transmit your every little data to a third party, you have to stay on guard. Use a spyware remover software. You may want to try the best free spyware remover software which are offered in a number of websites.

The truth about spyware is that it imposes a grave threat to all of the internet users. What can save you from the harm it brings is to be knowledgeable enough about spyware removal. This can be your best defense against the hazards of spyware attack. How does spyware crawl into your computer system? How can you fight off the harm it can bring you? These things will all be rewarded to you as you get yourself educated about the facts of spyware. You must also know where and how to detect the presence of spyware in your computer operating system. After which, start to increase your awareness regarding the basic process of spyware removal. You can do this by inspecting your series of computer task list or by utilizing a reliable spyware removal programs and tools.

Do not ever think that you have no need for the spyware remover system. After all, it is not okay to have someone watching your every move and someone to steal your personal information. You need to exhibit all of the essential precautionary acts to protect yourself and your computer system. Always think about your safety. Always assume that there is a spyware software that has been activated in your network. It may not be as wicked as other computer viruses but surely it has its own evilness. The best free spyware remover software can be found on the web industry. Just settle for the trusted one. You surely do not want to end up being ditched!
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