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Vilai - 'Price' fails to rise

Director Kamaraj has tried his hand at serving a strong message in 'Vilai', which is about innocent women being exploited and pushed to flesh trade. Thankfully the film maker doesn't stretch for effort here showing the dark sides, but he has tried to narrate a sequence of events to convey the theme.

The movie has some familiar names like Saravanan, Udhayathara and 'Nadodigal' fame Barani. What begins as a docu-drama suddenly changes gears to become a routine clichéd affair. The intention of the director seems to be right, but he falters at its execution. Events unfold at quick pace and at places defy logic, taking away all sheen.

Nandhu (Barani) and his sister Vandhana (Reethu Soni) live at Melur village with their parents. They quarrel with each other. Unable to tolerate it, their father arranges for Vandhana's wedding. Her brother however wants her to continue studies as she is a topper.

Vandhana comes with Nandhu to Chennai. She gets kidnapped by a call taxi driver and Nandhu begins his search only to come to know that she has been kidnapped by a gang running flesh trade. Now Nandhu takes the help of Assistant Commissioner of Police Shanmugavel (Saravanan), who had a bad past and had his young daughter kidnapped a few years ago.

He along with Nandhu goes on search and succeeds in finding her in the custody of a Mirchi Maya (Fathima), a dreaded woman don who runs prostitution houses in Andhra Pradesh. But there awaits a surprise for Shanmugavel. Also how Vandhana is saved is the rest.

Saravanan reminds one of Vijayakanth. He replicates the 'Captain' in his walk and mannerisms. Barani plays a desperate brother, while Reethu Soni as Vandhana is cute. The rest of the cast includes 'Yogi' Devaraj, Chandru and Amarasigamani among others.

The content was there to give a riveting film. But Kamaraj seems to have achieved only in parts. On the whole, the movie doesn't work wonders. However the director deserves pat for taking a relevant issue and discussing it.


Jeyasithar R

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Moscowin Kaveri - Dry River


Kaveri usually disappoints Tamils. And 'Moscowin Kaveri' too is no different. The blame is on Ravivarman, the ace cinematographer who enthralled us with his camera work in many a film.

This maiden directorial venture of Ravivarman, which is produced by D Ramesh Babu, deals with modern day romance, especially live-in relationships between techies, without any shades of vulgarity. But lack of coherence in narration and disjointed scenes mar the flow.

As a result, good music by S Thaman and excellent cinematography among other aspects fail to add strength to the movie. In other words, it's like watching some beautifully crafted songs and scenes without any big connection in between.

Moscow (Rahul Ravindran) and Kaveri (Samantha) are IT professionals. It's love at first sight for Moscow on seeing Kaveri and she too accepts his proposal after a couple of scenes. The lover couple, who hails from villages, moves into a mansion and live together.

Even as difference of opinion arise between Moscow and Kaveri, the house they live turns out to be the hideout for Azhagu (Harshavardhan, son of veteran Y Gee Mahendra), a criminal who commits a high profile murder.

Tough circumstances the couple faces make them realise the strength of being together. At a time when they understand each other well, comes a clichéd climax which is not just predictable but tests patience too.

Rahul Raveendran is impressive while Samantha shines bright in her maiden movie (though two of her films are already out). Harshavardhan tries to menace but he doesn't have much work to do. Santhanam's comedy track is a damp squib.

Thaman impresses with his compositions while visuals give a rich and aesthetic feel to the film. Had Ravivarman concentrated on the script, 'Moscowin Kaveri' would have quenched the thirst of parched throats. To sum it up, director Ravivarman is no match to cinematographer Ravivarman.


Jeyasithar R

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Neeyum Naanum - Kids day out

 Director Solairaja, who made many a popular serial on small screen, has tested waters in the tinsel town with a film that speaks about the egos, friendship and camaraderie among children.

Set in the backdrop of a dance competition between students, the movie harps about the innocence of children, their agony and frustration.

Though Solairaja has tried his hand at such an interesting theme, what the movie lacks is the way the director has executed it. It sounds clichéd and predictable at many places.

Sanjeev of 'Kulir 100 Degree' plays the lead role while debutant Chetna is cast as his ladylove. The film boasts of star cast that includes Sampath Kumar, Master Rinson, Master Sachin, Singamuthu, Nellai Siva and Manobala among others.

The movie begins in a school campus where Surya (Sanjeev) comes to join as aerobics instructor. The school is owned by Sampath (Sampath Kumar), the chairman of a group of educational institutions, and an influential man in town.

Surya develops affinity with Diya (Chetna), a relative of Sampath who is also a dance teacher there. Meanwhile, a poor boy Karthick (Rinson) manages to get admission in the school thanks to Surya.

An intelligent boy, he incurs the wrath of Siddharth (Sachin), son of chairman of the school who studies in the same class. Karthik's mother falls sick and he needs Rs. Five lakh to do surgery for her. Comes a dance contest carrying cash award of Rs 10 lakh which Karthik wants to do. Siddharth comes in between and poses hurdles.

Eventually with Surya's help Karthik gets admitted to another school. Surya, Karthi and others take it as challenge and prepare themselves for the competition. Meanwhile Diya walks out from the house to be with Surya. It's finals between Siddharth and Karthik and the best wins.

The movie boasts of enough dance sequences. There are some fun elements in the form of children getting ready for dance contests. Sanjeev looks cool and suave while Chetna is okay. Sampathraj as usual does his job well. All the kids have played well.

Music by Sriram Vijay is good especially the theme music. Premshankar's cinematography is breezy. All said 'Neeyum Nanum' is like watching a dance contest on a television channel which impresses you in parts.


Jeyasithar R

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Irandu Mugam - Double trouble

Tamil cinema was dominated by political satires once. But they hardly found favour with masses of late, as romance and commercial masalas started to rule the roost. At such a juncture, comes 'Irandu Mugam', a movie on contemporary political situation in Tamil Nadu by 'Oomai Vizhigal' fame Aravindaraj.

In a nutshell, it is about a youth who aspires to become a Minister. When he becomes one, he goes corrupt. The onus is now on his secretary to correct him. Karan plays the Minister while Sathyaraj is his upright and honest secretary.

Much was expected since Sathyaraj was in the cast. In the past his films like 'Amaithaipadai' had political overtone and went on to become hits. Unfortunately, 'Irandu Mugam' fails to match the hype as it stutters in pace and scenes unfold without conviction. Sathyaraj gets limited screen space and seems to be under utilised.

Parthasarathy (Karan) is the son of a cook and a political science graduate. He aspires to become a Minister. His mimicry skills get him acquainted with the Chief Minister, who comes to his village for a meeting. He impresses him to become local leader of the party. This incurs him the wrath of Thamizh Sakthi (Nasser), a leader of the same party, who wants to promote his younger brother.

Turn of events lead to Thamizh Sakthi helping Parthasarathy become MLA with a promise that he should be with him and support him in all shady deals. As it happens Parthasarathy now becomes a Minister. Their corrupt ways earn them money.

There is one Pavithra (Suhani) daughter of opposition leader who is in love with Parthasarathy. Meanwhile, enters Sarveswaran (Sathyaraj), an IAS officer, who is committed to clean the political system. He has a bad past. He hatches a conspiracy and succeeds in reforming Parthasarathy. The duo now starts to work for the welfare of the people and also bring to book the greedy and corrupt.

Karan and Sathyaraj have tried to their potential. Since the script lacks conviction, their efforts couldn't bear fruits. Suhani looks pretty. Nasser as usual impresses. The rest of the cast includes Anuradha Krishnamurthy, Kumaravel, Livingston, Kanja Karuppu, Anu Haasan, 'Anni' fame Malavika and M S Baskar.

Bharadwaj's music is a letdown and he has tried to compensate with background score. Abdul Kalam cranks the camera while Ruben J's razor-sharp dialogues at few places evoke applause. All said, 'Irandu Mugam' promises aplenty but delivers less.


Jeyasithar R

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Bale Pandiya - Balle Balle

Publicity designer-turned-director Siddharth Chandrasekhar has chosen the comedy route to reach the masses in his maiden venture that is full of fun, laughter and merriment. Quite like the title, a major part of the story has been inspired by the yesteryear classic starring Sivaji Ganesan.

'Bale Pandiya' is about an 'unlucky' dejected youth who wants himself to be killed. But soon he falls in love with a girl and life takes a pleasant turn for him. When he decides to live his life, he is cornered by troubles on all sides. How he overcomes them forms the crux.

Siddharth begins the movie on an interesting note. His description of each character is gripping. More a suave and urban way of handling the script, Siddharth has induced funny elements at right proportion in the first half. He manages to maintain the tempo in the second half too, but to a certain extent.

Pandian (Vishnu) considers him unlucky. All his efforts to come up in life end on wrong side. He approaches contract killer AKP (Amarendran) and urges to kill him. A shocked AKP is initially hesitant. Soon he decides to give him some time. Hence he gives Pandian some money and entrusts him with a job of turning a human bomb, a job that he should execute within 20 days.

But life changes for Pandian after he meets Vaishnavi (Piaa). They fall in love with each other. When Pandian decides to go tell AKP that he would rather prefer to live, he gets a rude shock. AKP and his men are found murdered. Now the blame falls on Pandian. Meanwhile, Vaishnavi gets kidnapped by a gang for a big deal. It's chaos and confusion everywhere, before Pandian sets things right.

Vishnu, after a rustic youth in 'Venilla Kabadi Kuzhu', plays a full-fledged role in the movie. He is more trendy and suave here. He does utilise the opportunity to romance, fight, emote and of course try his hands at comedy.

Piya looks more Western. Unlike her other films, she has a meaty role to play in it. Vivek as a Westerner has a solo comedy track. In places, he brings the roof down with laughter, while at many places he sounds clichéd. John Vijay, Jaya Prakash, Pandu, Dr Sharmila form part of the cast.

Music by Devan Ekambharam is the highlight especially the song 'Happy...' in which over 25 playback singers appear on screen. Cinematography by Soundararajan and Gurudev is pleasant.Produced by AGS Entertainment, 'Bale Pandiya' lives up to its title.


Jeyasithar R

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Sindhu Samaveli - Serious and sensitive

Director Samy is man who made a name for himself touching controversial themes and talking about forbidden relationships. Be it 'Uyir' or 'Mirugam', Samy was right there evoking mixed response from film-buffs for the content.

Typical to his style is 'Sindhu Samaveli'. This film too is set in a sensitive theme - that of a girl caught between her husband and her father-in-law. Thankfully the director has not made the script crude and chose to play it down.

A 'fearing' theme it is, but Samy seems to have made it look commercial with catchy cinematography, host of songs and some comedy. The fact that it features all newcomers manages to sustain some interest. Sundar C Babu's music and camera by Utpal comes to his rescue.

Anbu (Harish) is student in a village school. His mother is a teacher and father Veerasami (Ghajini) works in the army and is posted in Assam. It's romance for him as he falls in love with Sundari (Anakha), who is elder to him but studies in the same class.

Situation forces his father to return to village after he opts for voluntary retirement, injured in a terrorist attack. His sorrow is doubled when his wife dies of snake bite. Anbu now takes up the task of fulfilling his mom's dream to become a teacher.

He with the permission of his family marries Sundari and lives happily with her for a month before leaving the village for teacher training. Alone at home, Sundari takes care of her father-in-law. But she is forced to enter into a 'relationship' with Veerasami. What happens when Anbu comes to know of it forms the crux.

Both Harish and Ghajini do their part well. The complex emotions have been brought out well onscreen by them. But walking away with applause is Anakha. She is right there delivering her best.

The movie principally revolves around three characters and few scenes are exaggerated, testing our patience. The eyesore is also the filmmaker overplaying the relationship at places. In parts, Samy delivers a better job.


Jeyasithar R

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Boss Engira Baskaran - Fun alias Funny

Director Rajesh seems to have begun from where he left in 'Siva Manasula Sakthi'. Though he is just one-film old, he has almost mastered the knack of rendering a movie that oozes with energy, fun and laughter right from reel one to the last.

Humour is no easy job. It is a serious business. In 'Boss Engira Baskaran', the director and his team have emerged successful in coming out with an unpretentious entertainer, ably executed by a wonderful star cast - Arya, Nayanthara, Santhanam and Subbu Panchu among others.

It may be a simple storyline, but the way in which Rajesh approaches it makes the difference. His dialogues and screenplay are the backbone. Especially the one-liners by Santhanam no doubt brings the roof down in laughter. Arya is at his ease delivering a befitting performance, while Nayanthara sans much glamour is a treat to watch.

A callous youth is bitten by love bug. With the help of his friend, he goes hammer and tongs to climb the ladder of success in life. This is what 'Boss…' is all about. A shrewd Rajesh has made spoof of some contemporary films, added right commercial elements with humour as under current, and the end product, eventually, is impressive.

The whole story unfolds in Kumbakonam. At a time when most filmmakers go around Madurai with action-packed themes, 'Boss…' comes as a relief. Baskaran (Arya), affectionately called as Boss by friends is a happy-go-lucky youngster who strives hard to clear his arrear exams. For him the day starts in the company of Nallathambi (Santhanam), who runs a saloon. Boss's family comprising his mom, elder brother Saravanan (Subbu Panchu) and sister lead a happy life.

Boss comes across Chandrika (Nayantara) and it's love at first sight for him. Interestingly, she happens to be a trainee professor and Boss is caught by her while copying in an exam. Turn of events results in Chandrika's sister (Vijayalakshmi) marrying Saravanan. When Boss expresses his desire to marry Chandrika all hell breaks loose. He is chided for his callous lifestyle and irresponsibility.

Boss takes a vow to earn money in six months and get his sister married before holding the hands of Chandrika. He takes refuge in Nalathambi's saloon. With the help of his friend, he tries to make money, but nothing works out. Meanwhile, Chandrika appears now and then and urges him to achieve his mission.

Now Boss and Nallathambi start a tutorial college with money obtained from a loan shark Velpandi ('Naan Kadavul' Rajendran) under one condition – that to help his son who repeatedly flunked in exams to pass or otherwise become a servant in his house. They face many a hurdle in their mission, but eventually they succeed.

Boss earns money and gets his sister married. But his desire of marrying Chandrika shatters as her father is against the proposal, thanks to a stupid act by the two friends. Now enters an NRI youth (Jiiva) to marry Chandrika. It's game between him and Boss.

Kudos to Arya who pulled it off well. After a serious portrayal in 'Madrasappatinam', he is right there bringing out his comical skills to the fore. As a callous youth, he fits the bill exceedingly well. In other words, the vintage Arya of 'Arindhum Ariyamalum' is back. His comical antics in the company of Santhanam are enjoyable.

Nayantara plays a professor and is draped in sarees sans much glamour. She plays her part well. Subbu Panchu as Arya's brother is adequate. Son of veteran producer Panchu Arunachalam, he is good at giving out what the director wants. 'Friends' fame Vijayalakshmi, Lakshmi as Arya's mother, Chitra Lakshmanan as Nayantara's father get under the skin of their respective characters and play well.

But the real scene-stealer is Santhanam. His wits, punches are enjoyable. As Arya's friend, who always gets into a tangle for no fault of his, he has done a great job. Santhanam has announced his arrival to the big league of comedians with this movie.

Kumbakonam has been captured at its pristine beauty by Sakthi Saravanan. His use of soft tones fits well for a laughathon. Also songs in foreign locales get life thanks to him. Giving him good company is Yuvanshankar Raja. As usual, he has come up with songs that gel with the story. The number 'Yar Intha Penthan…' is humable.

Rajesh has made spoof of some contemporary Tamil films in an enjoyable manner. Quite like 'Thamizh Padam', they are outrightly hilarious. Produced by K S Srinivasan and presented by Udhayanidhi Stalin's Red Giant Movies and Arya's The Show People, 'Boss Engira Baskaran' is right there oozing with abundant energy and unlimited fun. Kudos to Udhayanidhi for choosing quality films with varied stories that leave an impression with the masses.


Jeyasithar R

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Drohi - Friend, foe and fight

It has been quite some time since Kollywood saw an engrossing action-packed entertainer. Debut filmmaker Sudha K Prasad, a former associate of Mani Ratnam, has come out with a movie that is racy, taut and enjoyable in most parts.

For a woman director to handle an action theme quite convincingly is no ordinary thing. But Sudha has done that exceedingly well. Thanks to her technicians team that includes cinematographer Alphonse Roy and Editor Sreekar Prasad, the movie stands strong and tall.

Producers Mano Akkineni and Jaya Kalyana deserve due credit for choosing a script that is refreshingly different from the rest. Srikanth and Vishnu play lead roles with Poorna and Poonam Bhajwa giving them company. Pooja plays a crucial role.

The whole movie is set in Royapuram in north Chennai, an area known for its bubbliness. The filmmaker and her team deserve compliments for studying the locality and recreating it well on screen.

Samy (Srikanth), a Brahmin boy and his friend Karuna (Vishnu) grow up in the slums of Royapuram and attend the same school. Samy is a rough and tough boy and Karuna is cool as cucumber. They are close buddies.

One they see their class teacher (Pooja) is murdered before their eyes by a gangster. Dejected at local police not taking any action, the two boys kill him. But they are caught by cops. Karuna tells the police it was Sami who committed the murder.

Though both are bailed out of trouble, enmity brews between them. As years roll, hatred increases. Samy is against Karuna. Trouble erupts when Samy loves Karuna's sister (Poorna). In the meantime, one Sruti (Poonam Bajwa) loves Karuna. What happens between the two forms the rest of the film.

It is refreshing to see Srikanth finally giving his best on screen. He has tremendous potential and has been used well by the director. His expressions and body language deserve a special mention. Vishnu is not far behind. He is at his best giving a credible performance. He does his role with ease and elan.

Poorna and Poonam Bajwa set the screen on fire. Pooja deserves a special mention. Thyagarajan is also there. Stunts by Dilip Subbarayan are the highlight of the movie. Due credit should be given to music director Selvaganesh as couple of his songs are hummable. At times, the second half is too predictable. The length is also an eye-sore in the latter part. But these things may not stop you from enjoying 'Drohi'.


Jeyasithar R

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Vande Matharam - Pat for patriotism

Finally it's out after a long wait. Been in the making for over a couple of years, 'Vande Matharam' brings together Malayalam superstar Mammootty and Arjun who go hammer and tongs to nail a terrorist who intrudes in south India.

Director of the film Aravindan has opted to go the mass way coming out with scenes that one would usually associate in a Shankar, Vijayakanth and Arjun film in the past.

What is creditable is the homework that Aravindan has done to get the detailing right. He has tried to convey too many things at one time- terrorism, poor plight of farmers and the need to interlink rivers. These things go preachy at times.

At the same time, the director has adopted a unique style in narrating the story. Mammootty and Arjun hog equal screen space and sizzle in their respective roles. The star cast includes Sneha, Nasser, Jagadhi, Rajan P Dev, Riyaz Khan and new comer Deepak Jethi.

The movie begins in Chennai when south head of Indian intelligence department Gopi Krishnan (Mammootty) is entrusted with the task to apprehend Malik (Deepak Jethi), a dreaded Pakistani terrorist who has entered south India.

He takes the help of couple of police officers Anwar Hussain (Arjun) and Ashok (Jai Akash). They stumble upon a mysterious murder in Kanyakumari. They begin their investigations. Slowly they catch hold of vital clues and finally take Malik in their custody.

Now they try to get the words from his mouth. Interrogations begin to ascertain his true identity. Gopi hatches a plan and uses his wife Nandhini (Sneha) for the mission. But fate has different plans.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister (Nasser), saddened at the plight of farmers, decides to launch a grand canal project (interlinking of rivers) in Kanyakumari. Now the ultras plan to foil the event by planting bombs. The onus is on two men (Gopi and Anwar) to end all menace.

It's been a vintage Mammootty all through. As IB chief, he is there delivering his best in a cool and casual manner. He lends dignity to the role. Arjun does what is expected of him. He plays his part well. He flexes his muscles and minces punch lines too. But the khaakhi clad Arjun reminds us of his earlier movies in many places.

Sneha comes briefly in the movie. She appears in a song and sacrifices her life half way through. Jai Akash and Jagadish fit the role as cops. Jaya Prakash and Riyaz Khan play cameo. Newcomer Deepak Jethi is menacing as baddie. He is there playing his part extremely well. But at many places he reminds one of such villains seen in many Vijayakanth's movies before.

Music is by D Imman and there are very less songs in the movie but the background score is peppy and brisk. Rajesh Yadav and Panneer Selvam have ensured that all is caught well on camera. Dialogues by R N R Manohar at places evoke curiosity and interest. But the rest sounds too preachy. Produced by Henry, 'Vande Matharam' is high on hopes, but delivers little.


Jeyasithar R

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Enthiran - Swashbuckling Superstar

When was the last time, you watched a movie and came out of a theatre and then continued to talk about that movie for ages to come? If you have an answer, you have another opportunity and if you don't, you have your first 'experience' here!
Director Shankar, director extraordinaire comes with an Ento-sci-fi-thriller (Entertaining science fiction) ride and that's 'Endhiran' produced by Sun Pictures' Kalanidhi Maran! His trump card is Superstar Rajnikanth with four Aces being Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as the heroine, AR Rahman for his expertise best known, Rathnavelu for cinematography and one whole Ace for his team that developed the special effects!
If you are that die hard fan of Rajnikanth, you wouldn't need a review but you'd still want that loads of lines praising heaps on the Superstar! But here, you'll regret one thing – the invention of the dictionary! You won't really find one word to describe the true charisma and the on-screen persona of Rajnikanth, the undisputed Superstar of Tamil, oops Indian cinema!
Man, he is just class, when it comes to style and performance! Let's dip in to the review in detail, don't worry, there will be no spoilers!
The Gist of the Story

Rajnikanth is a scientist, Vaseegaran who develops his brainchild, a robot. Names it 'Chitty' and teaches every single thing that this universe can hold. 'Chitty' is programmed to learn and know everything except for human emotions and when that is taught, how would you expect a machine to react? Watch 'Endhiran' to know how! 
Shankar, the captain!

'Endhiran' was apparently Shankar's vision which he envisaged 10 years back! So imagine the idea that rose almost a decade ago! Yes he has been inspired by Hollywood, the land of science fiction, but executing that in India with the 'Superstar' flavour is not an easy task. Shankar's knowledge on science and technology seems to be immense and he has conveyed his ideas to both rural and urban people with ease, thanks to simple, straightforward dialogues with due credit to Late Sujatha and young Karky. Shankar has adopted an uncomplicated screenplay that is enriched with entertaining elements that will make you think of how those three hours just flew!

The Superstar's fan following ranges from the villages to international cities and this being a movie talking about technology, one would expect totally technical jargon in place. But that's only a myth, because the dialogues in 'Endhiran' are simple and convey the message quite crisply making sure all the sections of the audience understand every aspect of technology and science. Now did that sound serious? The movie is neatly infused with comedy dialogues that will make you giggle and when rendered by Rajni himself, you'll just scream laughing!
Visual Effects and Editing

The teasers and trailers stimulated the curiosity thanks to the splendid visual effects by international technicians. Examples of the dynamic effects are a plenty to talk about in the movie but sample this – a robot with unimaginable powers confronts goons with his electromagnetic property and attracts their weapons, and voila, you get to see, a spectacular scene that probably idolizes Goddess Kali! You'll have to watch it to understand and realise, it is verbally impossible to describe that scene and many other visual effects! Editing by Antony is crisp. Had the length been a little longer, the party would have been a little annoying!

Not just for visual effects, Shankar has also used the services of international expertise for the stunts in his movie. Yuen Woo Ping, who worked on 'The Matrix', etc, has designed stunt scenes that will make your jaws drop! Our very own Peter Heines has also done his part. A sample to tease your curiosity – an intense car chasing scene with our Superstar making a 'donut' in his Mercedes Convertible! Exhilarating!
Cinematography and Art

Rathnavel aka Randy, seems to have been born with a golden camera! He has produced visuals fabulously with all the songs being shot with right colour temperature and lighting. You won't miss a sight when 'Kadhal Annukal' and 'Kilimanjaro' are on screen; they simply transport you to the scenic locations. And coming to art Sabu Cyril has done a tremendous job with his distinct style.


AR Rahman, the Mozart of Madras, we've seen the response for the music right after the launch! But on screen, 'Kadhal Annukal' and 'Kilimanjaro', not to forget 'Arima', they take you by storm. The background score's decent and tries to receive your attention effectively! The rerecording in the movie is near perfect and sound capture by Oscar winner Resul Pookutty is A1. 
The Cast

Your eyes are predominantly set on the Superstar but pave way for the other leads. We'll come to the beautiful Aishwarya in a little while but before that it is going to be the gracious Danny Denzongpa, the wily villain of the movie. He is old but he is got grace and is a refreshing change from the usual villains. He adds a lot of freshness to the script, a brilliant choice of casting.
The next, comedians Karunaas and Santhanam, though they don't quite have lengthy screen presence, they still manage to receive appreciation for their comic timing. Santhanam will be a proud man to have shared screen with the superstar.
Aishwarya Rai – The Miss World, is amazing and truly an epitome of beauty! She forms an important part of the script and hence you'll spot her throughout the movie, perhaps for the first time a heroine is receiving considerable importance in a superstar's movie! The marvellous costumes add to her allure and she's just majestic in few scenes!
Rajnikanth aka Superstar

Saving the best (or the ultimate) for the last, Rajnikanth is one man who will not cease to amaze you! If your 6 or 60, doesn't really matter because you will be in awe of the man!  you will be in awe of the man! In a movie which shows signs of visual effects riding in the driver's seat, the Superstar dominates every bit to walk away with appreciation! No favouritism here, you just can't stop talking about him, once you come out! As the scientist Vaseegaran, he plays his part uncharacteristically Rajni without Punch dialogues or fights but as 'Chitty – the Robot' you are bound to follow or even turn an addict!
Sample this – as a gentle Robot he is precise in acting and when it comes to the evil side, the incredible Rajni has made sure he doesn't waste his opportunity! His evil laugh, his characteristic slick walk, that body language and the dialogue delivery in 'Endhiran' remind you of the golden Rajni time! Look out for the amazing dance moves by the superstar, given his age, a few moves are stunning, credits to the choreographers!
IndiaGlitz Verdict
The festival of lights, 'Deepavali' is round the corner and with the release of 'Endhiran', the fireworks have already started! Quoting the Superstar himself, 'Endhiran' for the Indian audience all around the world is an 'experience'! Don't miss it!


Jeyasithar R

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