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How to make eyes closed while on a photo to open

How to Memelekin eyes closed Pls photographed
Posted by Sigit Daulay Computers in Learning Design, Photoshop Basic.

Take a photographs of her That no one brake

Click polygonal Lasso tool to select the eye of the more literate .. I chose the red Because of the position in front of his eyes "Almost similar ..
if there is' looking for photos of people Concerned That more literate ..
but for example the existing GPP pake aja ..

Selection in the eye area is wearing the red shirt ..

if you have selected ..
sign on the keyboard CTRL + C to copy selected section ..
then press ctrl + V to paste ..
Will automatically form a new layer ..
Here, I only need one eye ...
nah if We need both eyes "The Same Way.

So to equate the color Can you direct the tool to: Image - adjustments - Brightness / Contrast

Can you then adjust the color by using the Brightness / Contrast

To Refine the cutting edge in the eyes use the Erase Tool
Well ... now been completed ....

Good luck ... Hopefully useful

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