Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thaskara Lahala - Run away from 'Thaskara Lahala'

If you are to find some more reasons for why Mollywood is facing a big crisis, with very few viewers ready to take what is churned out in the name of cinema, just go and watch 'Thaskara Lahala'. I bet that once you are with this kind of films, except the reviewer folks, none will dare to visit any other cinema halls running Malayalam movies for at least three months.

A better prescription instead of ultimate punishments, the apex bodies in the film industry must make amendments to punish those who try to fool and disinterest active viewers by creating such bad flicks.

A mismatch of disjointed sequences pasted together in the name of a movie, 'Thaskara Lahala' intended to be a comedy is a acute mayhem with no such storyline or scripts. Directed (or misdirected) by Ramesh Das, we won't see any logic in creating such a movie and constantly wonder who could be the supposed target audience of such a film, when someone plans to make one. With not a single moment to evoke laughter, the efforts for giggles here are quite brutal that 110 minutes of running time seems like more than a day.

The movie is all about four youngsters namely Manikanthan (Suraj), Ayyappan (Salimkumar), Maimunni (Jaffer Idukky) and Govindan Kutty, once obsessed with stage-plays in a village named Kurukkanthara. But some events force them to flee from the village and to attempt petty thefts for a living. If you are given a notion that from the movie's posters Suraj Venjaramoodu is the hero of this film, you will actually see a number of actors like Salim Kumar, Jaffer Idukki, Lakshmi Sharma, Sajitha Beti, Bheeman Reghu, Geetha Vijayan, Thesni Khan are some more unknown actors let loose before the camera to do what all they please. There seems to be very few in the crew who know how to make a movie worth watching.

Ramesh Das, who made a serious film 'Thattakam' a decade ago can stoop in shame and can rework on his basics of making movies. Only a couple of songs by Shyam Dharman appear good to ears (including the Jassie Gift song 'Parunthe', but are ridiculously pictured.

A movie that leaves you stumbled, 'Thaskara Lahala' is one bereft of any ideas, that leaves you dumb folded with no idea of what to do. An able contender for one of the worst movies of the year, avoidance of this can be a big service from you towards thinking Mollywood.



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