Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thillalangadi - Get the kick out of it

What can one expect when the likes of director Raja and his sibling 'Jayam' Ravi come together? A full-fledged racy commercial entertainer that never lags anywhere. Living up to their expectations, the brothers have come out with an engrossing fare in 'Thillalangadi', but only in parts.

Half the battle was already won by Raja, when he chose to do the remake, for he had a winner in his hand. The original 'Kick' with a racy screenplay and interesting storyline had swayed the masses in Andhra Pradesh.

Giving it a local touch, Raja seems to have embarked upon the journey with great energy and gusto. But unfortunately the end product lacks the necessary punch and power.

The movie has a mix of comedy, action, romance and sentiment. The script is woven in such a way to ensure that there is pep all through. However the eyesore at many places is some lengthy scenes and a feel of deja vu thanks to predictable scenes.

The movie boasts of huge star cast that includes 'Jayam' Ravi, Shaam, Tamannah, Vadivelu, Prabhu, Suhasini, Santhanam and Radharavi among others and interestingly unlike other films, all have a part to play.

Ravi (Krishna) is a happy-go-lucky youth who loves challenges and cannot live without getting a kick out of doing things. He falls in love with Nisha (Tamannah), but she leaves him after Krishna lies about his job.

Nisha goes to Malaysia, where she forms an alliance with a tough cop (Shaam). However, the cop has a mission. He is there to catch a notorious thief (it's Ravi again) who has been stealing money from rich people. What happens then forms a climax.

The energetic 'Jayam' Ravi, bubbly Tamannah, Shaam (who played the same role in the original) and Vadivelu have combined well in their attempt to recreate the magic of 'Kick'.

Jayam Ravi as callous and bubbly youth Krishna impresses in parts. Tamannah as Nisha oozes glamour. She has loads of dialogues too. However the lacuna has been the dubbing voice, which sounds alien at times.

Vadivelu as Jackson tries to tickle the funny bone in you. Otherwise his role is almost seen and enjoyed in several films before. Shaam repeats the Kick act. Hitherto seen as romantic hero in Tamil cinema, Shaam plays a different and a daring role.

Watch out for Radharavi who plays a Minister. A seasoned actor, the veteran has proved that doing such roles is a cakewalk for him. Prabhu and Suhasini play caring parents of Ravi.

Yuvan Shankar Raja, who has pulled it off in the background score, missed it off in songs. But for a couple of hum-able numbers, the songs fail to impress.

Cinematography by B Rajsekhar is cool while editing by L Sasikumar is crisp at many places though he could have trimmed few portions.

On the whole, the movie produced by Jayam Company and presented by Sun Pictures, is a raw 'Andhra Masala' presented in a Tamil palate. Interesting in parts, the movie would have ended up more shining and bright, had few loose ends been stitched together.



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