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A Car Resale Value - A Car Buying Guide

Right off the bat, let's clear one thing up. You will not profit from buying a car unless you intend to, or are already in the business of buying and selling cars. Depreciation will decrease the value of your car the longer you use it, no matter what. It isn't an investment, so no matter how you carefully treat it, you can never make the money you bought your car with back, much more make a profit off it.

Now with that out of the way, here are some tips to guide you in your car buying expedition, particularly if you do not intend to keep the car for life. These are tips to maintain the substantial resale value of your new car. Think of it as accepting the fate that your first car buying experience will have to end in a break-up.

- Stick with classic colors and options. A neon green car may strike your fancy, even if no one really understands why, but buying a car fit for resale entails sticking to the basics.

- Remember that setting up the car's engines, audio and detail accessories will not necessarily boost the resale value of your car. Why juice it up anyway if you know you want a more expensive car for keeps down the financially stable road?

- There are some detailing jobs that will remain classic resale boosts: a nice stereo, sun roofs and leather seats.

- Buying a car that is easily maintained helps, too. Readily available parts and a familiar engine will keep maintenance hassles to a minimum. Polish it, have regular check ups and get multi-point inspections done.

- Think about safety when buying a car. Check if the latest technologies in car safety are present in the car. A safe car is a more resalable car than muscle-packed, speed mobiles. Check for airbags, anti-lock breaks, traction control, electronic stability and side airbags.

- Look for technological adaptability when buying cars. Take heed from future-minded car manufacturers that make simple cars that can house future technological advances.

- Take a look at the prospect ten years later when buying cars. Think if it fits the baseline profile of its type: compact, sports, luxury, SUV etc. In short, know what buyers expect from these types of cars.

- Don't go wild with it. A souped up vinyl tattered car is a hard sell. Think about this before buying a car that costs more and you plan to turn into a customized bullet.

- Keep your region in mind. Certain features and styles are expected in certain regions dependent on the terrain and lifestyle. Why settle for buying a compact car in a mountain filled county?

- Despite the rising costs of fuel world wide, it is still a safe bet to decide on buying a car that has a bigger engine. The logic of which still escapes some.

- Beware of monthly payments for navigation systems and in car communications systems when buying cars.

Finally, learn to buy a car that you'll enjoy. Financial advice is wise, but worthless if you ride a vehicle you didn't want to be caught dead in when you were still fantasizing about buying your car.

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