Thursday, November 7, 2013

How to renew your vehicle insurance

There are 3 types of insurance status and renewal depends upon the current status of your insurance policy.

Insurance statuses:

  1. Upcoming renewal
  2. Expired
  3. Expired before 6 months.
Based on the current status, the cost and complexity of your insurance renewal differs.

In the first case, your insurance is yet to expire. Here the renewal is pretty easy. You can make use the following ways as ease as possible respectively.
  1. Renew it online.
  2. Call upon current insurance provider and renew the same. Here you should have to pay for it manually and you might require to visit the insurance agent office.
In the second case, the policy is expired and it is been a couple of months. You can avail online renewal option, but the cost differs (Little higher that what you pay for the first case.

The third case is the complex case where you have to visit the insurance agency with your vehicle and they will probably snap your vehicle and then only the policy renewal will be approved. In this case there is a hectic situation for you guys to renew your policy.

Finally the conclusion is, you have to renew your policies on time.


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