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Maaveeran Movie Review Indiaglitz

Glitz, glamour, grandeur� These three �G� words sum up �Maaveeran� by S S Rajamouli, the man behind many hits in Telugu industry. He has come up with a wonder in �Maaveran� (�Magadheera� in Telugu). Mammoth sets, huge star cast, racy script and good use of computer graphics make it a stunning show on screen.
A blend of contemporary and period events, �Maaveeran� is not the regular commercial clich� you would expect from the �Telugu Desam�. Another highlight is apt Tamil dialogues by veteran filmmaker K Bhagyaraj.
Nowhere one gets a feeling of watching a Telugu movie being dubbed in Tamil and this makes �Maaveeran� work big time. What more, it has a universal theme that would be liked by kids and adults.
Huge palace, herds of horse, hundreds of soldiers, big desert, helicopter chase. Rajamouli has brought all this into reality in the film, thanks to producer Allu Aravind of Geetha Arts. The way they have been captured on lens by Senthil Kumar deserves appreciation.
Going hand-in-hand with the story is Maragadhamani�s musical score. It is a combination of racy and melodious numbers that lifts the spirit of the movie. Costumes play a pivotal part in period films.
Understanding this fully well, Rajamouli has ensured that apt attires are created for each and every character. Kamala Kannan's visual effects add to the charm. Watch out for the chase and stunt sequences that are close to reality.
Coming to the star cast, young Ram Charan Teja, son of �mega star� Chiranjeevi has cast a magical spell playing the title role, while the young and bubbly Kajal Agarwal gives him good company. The movie has many other actors too with all playing their part exceedingly well.
Harsha (Ram Charan) is a bike racer and is behind thrills and spills in his life. Life takes a turn when he meets Indhu (Kajal Agarwal). When he touches her hands, a mystic feel prevails and he feels destiny has brought them together.
But enters Randheer (Dev Gill), Indhu's cousin with an evil desire. Attracted by her beauty he kills her father and blame falls on Harsha. Randheer takes away Indhu with him to Rajagiri palace in Rajasthan.
Now Harsha goes in search of her and embarks upon a mission to set things right. Meanwhile it is revealed that the events in the lives of these persons have connection with those that happened four hundred years ago. What follows next, is the story of �Maaveeran,� a story that effectively juggles between the past and present, keeping audience glued to the screens.
Ram Charan is extraordinary as Harsha and Parthiban, he is impressive. His amazing body language, dialogue delivery and his expressive eyes are a treat to watch. A blend of beauty and glamour, Kajal Agarwal is apt choice. She is cool and casual in trendy costumes as well.
Dev Gill as baddie is tailor-made for the role. He deserves appreciation for the character. Sri Hari's cameo in double role lends twist to the tale. Watch out for special performance by Sunil and Brahmanandham that evokes good humour.
Three cheers to Geetha Arts for making such a mammoth movie. They have rendered a grand film that is entertaining and enthralling and one that sure deserves applause.
�Maaveeran� on the whole lives up to the title.


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