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Sabash Sariyana Potti Movie Review Indiaglitz

It seems to be the season of television personalities trying their luck at wielding the megaphone. Close on the heels of Abhishek who directed �Kadhai� and Naga who made �Ananthapurathu Veedu�, here is Venu Aravindh.
His maiden directorial venture �Sabash Sariyana Potti� is a comedy caper that touches on the lives of tinsel town heroes, the world they are in and their political aspirations.
Venu Aravindh is a familiar face in small screen playing prominent roles and in cinema he has played second fiddle in many movies. Having watched filmmakers closely, he seems to have embarked on a journey to direct a movie.
His intentions are clear from reel one. He wanted to make a comical film and hence he has ensured that there is no place for logic. But stretching too much for effect he seems to have lost his way at many places. As a result, the end product ends on a sticky wicket.
Jayaram plays the lead role- that of a popular hero in Tamil cinema. What begins more like a �Thamizh Padam� (a spoof on Kollywood) ends up as an average and routine Tamil film.
But credits go to Jayaram who manages to evoke interest in the movie. His antics, body language and dialogue delivery manage to garner one�s attention. Debutant Sriram Karthik plays a pivotal character while Anjana Thamburatti in her maiden film plays a good samaritan.
Delhi Ganesh, Mayilsamy and Vaiyapuri also form part of the cast. Besides wielding the megaphone, Venu Aravindh appears in a double role that has a say in the script.
Gnana Guru (Sriram Karthik) lives a happy life with his friends in Vadipatti village. His mother (Sri Rajnani) wants him to make it big in life. Meanwhile Gnana Guru along with his friends that includes Ranjani (Anjana Thamburatti) are ardent fans of actor J R (Jayaram). They never miss the first day first show of his film. A mass hero JR has a couple of assistants Delhi Ganesh (Dass) and Mani (Vaiyapuri), who want the matinee idol to enter politics.
A visit to Vadipatti village by JR helps Gnana Guru meet him. He manages to leave an impression with the actor with his antics. While leaving the village, JR urges Gnana Guru to come to Chennai and try his luck in cinema.
Taking his words seriously, Gnana Guru comes to Chennai to meet the actor. He is in for a rude shock as the JR in real life is different from the one in films. He is a bundle of lie and selfishness. Gnana Guru's attempts to get an entry to cinema through JR end futile.
Unable to bear the shock and disappointment, Gnana Guru resolves to become successful with his own efforts. He enters a television show which has JR as one of the judges. A battle begins between them. Who wins in the end forms the climax...
Jayaram has tried his best to infuse life in the film. Sriram Karthik, for a debutant, does his work well. The rest of the cast including Delhi Ganesh and Mayilsamy try to evoke laughter, but end up in vain.
Music by S Thaman is the film's strength. The mass number and a couple of melodies are good to listen to. Krish Kamal's cinematography and AL Ramesh editing are okay.
Produced by V R Raghunathan, �Sabash Sariyana Potti� begins on a good note but is half done.


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