Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kanimozhi - Romancing romance Movie review

‘Kanimozhi’. It is a popular name in Tamilnadu for reasons known to all. A movie carrying such a powerful title evoked great curiosity among the audience. Starring Jai in the lead and directed by Sripathy Rangasamy, a former associate of Venkat Prabhu, ‘Kanimozhi’ lives up to expectations, but only in parts.
Produced by T Siva of Amma Creations and Sona of Uniq Productions, the movie is a romantic entertainer. Unlike commercial ventures where the hero and heroine meet each other and start romance, ‘Kanimozhi’ deals love in a different manner.
It explores love in two different perspectives. And the movie has some lighter moments thanks to Jai’s one liners. It begins on a slow note to gather momentum as it progresses. The live sound and some catchy background score by Suresh Chakravarthy worth a mention.
Jai is in his usual self playing with ease. Unlike his earlier films, he plays a full-fledged romantic youngster. He tries his hand at comedy too. Vijay Vasanth plays a prominent role while ‘Rocket Singh’ fame Shahzhan Padamse plays Jai's ladylove.
Jai is a viscom student who leads life like any other youth. He spends all his time with his classmates. He comes across a young girl (Shahazn Padamsee) and falls in love with her. Fearing to open his heart to her, he keeps his love within his heart.
On the other side, there is Vijay Vasanth, who is also crazy behind her. He unlike Jai is open and daring in all his approach. What happens after this? Who gets the girl is what ‘Kanimozhi ‘is all about.
Jai impresses. So is his friend Michael. Vijay Vasanth tries his best to utilise the opportunity. Shahzhan Pdamsee is mismatch as she lacks emotions. Music by Satish Chakravarthy is good especially the ‘Muzhu Madhi…’ number.
Director Sripathy has tried his best to move away from regular cinema in his maiden venture itself. And succeeds in his attempt to a certain extent. Good in parts, ‘Kanimozhi’ may not fulfill your expectations. But at the same time, it is not a total disappointment.


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