Thursday, September 2, 2010

Aayiram Vilakku Preview

'Aayiram Vilakku' is a forthcoming film directed by SP Hosimin. It is the first production venture of HMI Pictures and second for director SP Hosimin after his first film February 14. The tag line of the film is "A mafia epic overshadowed by love." The shooting of 'Aayiram Vilakku' started in October, 2009.

 Set in the back drop of Madurai soil the film is a different kind of gangster story. Its about a strong rowdy Lingam who is ruthless in his acts. While being an untamable wild bull, Lingam comes across a young boy Gopal who is the son of a coolie. Love and bonding develops between the two and Lingam's life changes. Lingam who has not known what love and affection is all about starts experiencing the same by the actions of Gopal. Gopal works to bring Lingam out of his life in darkness. Lingam feels Gopal is like a thousand lamps that has lit his dark life hi lived all along. While they are living like a father-son, suddenly some events turn around their lives.

Sathyaraj plays Lingam and Shantanu plays Gopal in this emotional drama. Sathyaraj has played consequential role after a long time. For Shantanu this is going to be a real commercial identification he has been waiting for.  His character is diagonally opposite to what he played in Sakkarakatti.

Another revelation in the film is going to be Sana Khan according to all. Director Hosimin, Sathyaraj and Shantanu had unanimously praised Sana Khan for her performance in the film. Sana Khan who entered Kollywood as an item girl has proved she is a genuine star material in the film. The most appreciative remarks from all were her ability to perform so well in spite of not able to speak Tamil. So she will be one to watch out in the film.

The big stars in Aayiram Viklakku are Sathyaraj, Santhanu Bhagyaraj, Sana Khan, Suman, Delhi Ganesh, Thalaivasal Vijay and 'Ganja' Karuppu. Theepeti Ganesh and Suja are also there.

The audio of the film was launched on August 9. Srikanth Deva has scored the music for the songs written by Vairamuthu. The film has seven songs and they are these. "Madura Madura" sung by Naveen & Velmurugan, "Porale" sung by Karthik, "Andipatti" sung by Karthik, "Jigarthanda" sung by Karthik and Rita, "Enna Thavam" sung by KJ Yesudas, "Uthama Puthirane" sung by KJ Yesudas and "Rathiye" sung by Harish Radavendra and Chinmayi

All the songs are to be watched for the beautiful words. Particularly 'Enna thavam Seithen' sung by KJ Yesudas. Also there is on song that encapsulates the symbols of Madurai like matu thavani, Jigarthanda, Azhagarmalai etc.

Director Hosimin belongs to Madurai and so he has shown Madurai in all its flesh and blood. He was an assistant to Shankar. And that adds to his credibility. This film is sure to take Hosimin out of the closet while his first film February 14 with Bharath did not

Hosimin recently said that this film was supposed to be produced by two of the most reputed banners in Tamil films, but destiny had it be produced by a first timer HMI Pictures. This sums up what the film has in store.



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