Friday, September 3, 2010

Game Algadon World War in the last century

Algadon is a fantasy game set in medieval Algadon land, according to information I can. This is a fun game created by Standard and Poor a Manner, Which therefore makes the player feel at home to continue playing.

In the game you try to own Should Algadon, meaning like in real life. You have to work to eat, you have to work to earn money, to get a weapon you must have money and you certainly have to work so That you are paid to the work you are doing, from Nowhere Can you have the weapons, clothes , tools and other wars, forth.

Did I make the above, so Algadon Also in this game, here you will from some of the Ruler of the world in this game. Of course if your partner is fun menjadu rulers in a very high level, you have jelly, how to Defend this game, thereby Becoming a true master in this game.

Algadon have prepared everything, Standard and Poor 'rules of this game. In this guide, you will of find the information they want Algadon need to play wisely and effectively. You do not need to worry, everything is available to you, the details you'll play the game very satisfying Because algadon've got everything ready.

In this algadon you will of need energy to power, you need the will of blood for your health, you need a will of a premium for "All That you erlengkapan buthkan, Which obviously you are going to war with real seprti, image quality is very good in this game .

In this game you will of fight. Battle of the results is determined based on the strength of character + weapon / spell power, with the added benefit of direct damage spells or weapons-May have a defense versus defense shield + character from another player. That is, the amount of damage done on both sides are determined by These factors, and side with the highest damage to win the battle. In other words, it is best to have a higher base + stat items from the person you are attacking or attacking you. If both players are statistically close, direct damage plays a higher role. Of course, if the item has a high direct-damage, it Becomes a significant factor.

To further make it Easier to get in the game or the game is what you Should do ....? Premium Membership Offers many benefits, including weapons, food, potions, and character class is only available to premium members as well as higher interest rates, increasing in the drop rates, and more! it is more profitable, Because you will of her game not be interrupted.

Here Algadon Also Received a Royal Credit. Royal Credit Can be Used to buy very specific items, Standard and Poor 'extraordinary weapons, armor, spells, and other special items. You Can Also use the Royal Credit to refill your energy, improve your basic strength or defense, and get gold Quickly.

Can you view information about a specific character class to find out more about Them. Here

Here I tell the beginning of this war, disuatu ancient war inevitable, and That Happened Between the ancient Tribes. Species, races, and nations clashed, rising and falling with Each new dawn, an endless vortex of disorder and chaos. This is the beginning of the war. Well .... was here in this game you will from an era of feel algadon That never terfikirkan yourselves.

Eventually, though, the world saw a new light. A man named Algadon increased in one small tribe, was not significant and to see a better world vision. You have to change the world for the better, Manjadi world of peace, Became the leader of the developing society.

Against tough resistance, over time human Algadon Tribes united through diplomacy or war. Once completed, its influence spreads Quickly. Along with a broken race world, his nation expanded rapidly, drawing all of Which Will Be under his banner. Ever Onward, Algadon empire grew, Until Almost All Known the world under one banner.

Races That will of the join are welcome, and for the first time Could people stand next to an elf, dwarf, or orc without spilling blood. Coming era of peace, and progress began. Algadon Even after death, the kingdom changed in a matter of generation, taking the name of the hero WHO Had founded it. Both magic and workmanship move to natural never seen before, show benefits for everyone.

That's a quick story about a Game Algadon game is fun, too - That popular ever existed. Thank you.



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