Friday, September 3, 2010

Addobe Photoshop, polish the face and replace the eyes, with the Brush Tool

Berphoto my friends, the result is not Desirable, they want mintak please, for change,

Here are the points That I am a fox:
1. Facial polish to clean
2. Eliminating acne
3. Eliminate meinyak on face
4. Changing the color of the lips (just for a pake jilbab)
5. Changing the currency is not unidirectional.

~ For polishing the face to be clean and like the Mek Gave up, I use the Brush Tool.
- Using Brush Tool
- Master for 10 px diameter, hardness 3%
- Opacity 15%
- Flow 75%

~ To get rid of pimples on my face using the Clone Stamp Tool (S).
- With the Clone Stamp Tool (S) at the point on the desired object and then press ALT and then click the mouse, your new drive and click on the acne. See the results ..... if you already understand how it works you'll be fine.
- When to remove the oil on your face just do as above. Using the Brush Tool, carakernya Also The Same.
- To Change The Same lip color

~ To change the currency That Is not In The Same direction as in the photo Rini, Rini photo fit in this view to the side.
To change the direction of my eyes using a polygonal Lasso Tool (L).
- On polygonal Lasso Tool (L), flat on the desired image in the eyes, my eyes took in the photo Suardi.
- Copy and navigate to the eyes of the sisters Rini
- Well ... then to Refine use Blur Tool (R)

May be useful for you (there are more good, ak Had not time to make it Pls you have time later I made)

Changing the currency is not unidirectional



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