Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Giving your Computer Investment Protection against Online Threats and Intrusions

Giving your Computer Investment Protection against Online Threats and Intrusions

Gone are the days when libraries and other information centers are the best preferences when looking for important information. With the advent and development of computer system applications as well as of Internet technology, acquiring information is not anymore a daunting task to perform. You can now access the information that you will need within just a few clicks of your computer mouse and a few strokes of your computer keyboard. Furthermore, you are not just dealing a single library of information. In fact, the Internet contains more than the information capacity of all existing libraries in the world combined! That is how large the capacity of the Internet is in terms of holding information on various subjects of interest.

Because of the wide availability of the Internet, it is not just considered to be the information superhighway alone, but it is now one of the best business opportunities to start with. There are many jobless individuals who found themselves earning more than the salary of corporate executives. The Internet is flooded with hundreds of ways to earn hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every month. There you have Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, online advertising, online shopping, online auctions, and others. In fact, there are traditional business ventures that switched to Internet-based business, thus increasing their revenues by several percent more.

It is great to do business with the Internet. However, along with the growth of Internet-based businesses as well as the number of websites offering different online-based services come the growth of online threats and various disruptions that can bring Internet-based businesses to a halt. Strong viruses and self-destructing programs are circulating around the Internet, which is not beneficial for individuals and groups who rely on the Internet for their research and business activities.

Fortunately, there are online companies that provide security for Internet users, such as online-based entrepreneurs to protect their computer investment against the risk and danger of unwanted intrusions by hackers and virus programmers. One of which is the Bellsouth Premium Internet Security, which offers services that eliminates the risk and danger of online threats and unwanted disruptions such as the following:

•    Free technical support;
•    Round the clock (24/7) Internet security and real-time alerts for any unwanted intrusion;
•    Automatic software updates;
•    Detailed security statistics and event logs; and
•    Convenient billing for services acquired from Bellsouth.

One of their Internet security packages that is popular to Bellsouth clients is the Premium Internet Security Suite that includes the following high-profile services:

•    The Bellsouth Anti-Spyware Program, which detects and eliminates a wide range of Spyware and other unnecessary tracking software;
•    The Bellsouth Anti-Virus Software, which clears and protects your computer against worms, viruses, and harmful elements that may contaminate your computer system; and
•    The Bellsouth Firewall Software, which shield your computer system from unauthorized access.

Getting Bellsouth-provided Internet security services will ensure that your Internet-based business is protected against different threats that may harm your computer system, causing your online business to slow down or even shut down its operation. The money that you will spend for these Internet security services is nothing compared to hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars wasted because of these online threats affecting your computer system. With Bellsouth Internet security services, you are assured of a well-rounded business as well as research activities.


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