Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gouravargal Movie Review

Director Sanjay Ram has made it as his signature style to dwell on the underworld and its dark shades. This time too in 'Gowravargal', he touches a similar theme in the company of Sathyaraj and Vignesh. What begins as an interesting fare slowly loses steam to be a clichéd affair.

Seemingly influenced a lot by 'Nayagan' and 'Thalapathy', Sanjay Ram has woven the story around a do-gooder, a role played by Saythyaraj. As Thondaman, he makes one remember the Velu Bhai of 'Nayagan'.

Vignesh who joins him as his assistant is ready to sacrifice everything for his master, like the evergreen Suriya role played by Rajinikanth in 'Thalapathy'. The movie boasts of a huge star cast that includes Monica, Yuvarani, Azhagan Thamizhmani, Bhanuchander, Ranjith and Alex among others.

Unfortunately there is nothing new in the script which is centered on Vignesh in the first half, while Sathyaraj takes the centre stage in the latter part. Most of the scenes are predictable, clichéd and romance stuffed that fails to strike a chord with the viewer. The baddies in the movie speak from the belly and punctuate their dialogues with a laugh that is tacky and artificial.

Ganesan (Vignesh), is an irresponsible youth in a village. He promises his mother (Kuyili) that he would be good and start earning. He joins a job where he bashes few wrong-doers. This impresses a do-gooder and a don Thondaman (Sathyaraj). He urges him to join him for work.

Thondaman is respected a lot for he provides justice to people in his own way. People in case of crisis approach him and not the police. Ganesan impressed by Thondaman's ways, develops an affinity with him and even decides to gives his life for him.

Meanwhile Ganesan falls in love with one Poonkodi (Monica). Turn of events leaves a local Minister's son going crazy behind her. Enters a police officer (Ranjith) who plays spoilsport in their romance. He threatens Thondaman and hatches a conspiracy to ensure that Thondaman and Ganesan part ways. But things happen otherwise.

It's a role that actors like Vignesh had played many times before. He is good in action, but lacuna is his dialogue delivery. Monica appears in a couple of songs including one hot number. Sathyaraj shoulders a major burden while Ranjith, Bhanuchander play baddies.

Dhina's music is loud and editor Riyaz is apparently caught napping in the second half. Leo's camera is good however. The lens has captured the stunts, chase and the rest in bright colour. On the whole, Sanjay Ram has conceived a convincing script, but seems to have lost out on the execution part.


Jeyasithar R


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