Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nagaram Movie Review

Sundar C seems to have started from where he left in 'Thalainagaram'. Quite like his maiden heroic venture, 'Nagaram' too is a story of a convict, who wants to live a reformed life, but forced to go back to his old ways.

Movies directed by Sundar C always had good mix of all commercial ingredients. So is 'Nagaram' with comedy, romance and action. Though it is more similar to 'Thalainagaram', the scene is set in a different place here.

Sundar, who has directed the film besides playing the lead role, has captured the functioning of underworld operating in Chennai, mafia that controls harbour and fishing hamlets, in a vivid way. He has handled a huge star cast and the film moves at a fairly interesting pace.

Gate Selvam (Sundar C) is stabbed and is struggling for life. In the hospital bleeding profusely he recalls his past. He is convicted for a crime and is sentenced to five years imprisonment.

A senior police officer Sakkarai Pandi (Bose Venkat), who is also Selvam's childhood friend, helps him come out of the prison. The jail life brings a change in his life and Selvam decides to earn in right way and lead a peaceful life.

But the society is not willing to allow him to do so. Specially his friend Sakkarai Pandi in the pretext of friendship uses him for all his unlawful activities. Selvam comes across Bharathy (Anuya), a junior film artiste. Coming to know about her life and her courteous nature, Selvam falls for her.

Meanwhile, Sakkarai Pandi incurs the wrath of Kadhar Bhai (Sreenivasan) for trying to take away huge haul of ganja from him. It's now cat and mouse game between Sakkarai Pandi and the gang.

Selvam goes hammer and tong to help save his friend. But when he comes to know the true nature of his friend, all things go awry. What happens in Selvam's life after that forms the climax.

Sundar C plays the role with consummate ease. He is good at romance and action sequences. Anuya is tailor-made for the character. Sreenivasan revels as baddie, while Bose Venkat does his part well.

Vadivelu as Style Pandi, in a separate comedy track, evokes laughter. George, Vichu, Ponnambalam, Besant Ravi and Nalini also form part of the cast. Music by Thaman is foot-tapping. But the loud re-recording could have been avoided. Thalapathy Dinesh's stunts deserve special mention.

Produced by Kushboo Sundar, 'Nagaram' is bit lengthy in the second half. It's a new wine in an old bottle. But the taste is good, however.


Jeyasithar R


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