Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mandhira Punnahai Movie Review

Director Karu Palaniappan is known for coming out with movies woven around human relationships. Obviously in 'Mandhira Punnahai', which is directed and enacted by him, he dwells on his favourite subject. Unfortunately, perhaps shouldering a double burden has taken a toll on the film.

The latest to join the bandwagon of filmmakers donning the grease paint, Karu Palaniappan has chosen a script that doesn't demand macho-man stuff or any heroics, a safe bet for his first venture as protagonist.

He has Meenakshi, who did some glamour roles recently, to play the female lead. Santhanam provides the comic relief, while Thambi Ramiah and Rishi do form part of the cast. But all these things, which put together as a film, fail to do any magic.

Though Karu has relied upon the script, yet the pace at which the movie progresses is its weak link. The story settles down only after a while and the dragging second half does no good.

Kadir (Karu Palaniappan) is a shrewd architect. But he has no principles in life and leads it in his own way. Hated by one and all for his way of living life how it should not be, everyone fears to come close to him.

Enters Nandhini (Meenakshi) who works in a car showroom. Kadir does the architectural plan for the showroom and both meet in the process. Impressed by Kadir, she falls for him. Kadir sees his mother's mannerisms in her in certain situations and love blossoms.

But a twist and turn in the script takes the story to a new place. What transpired between the two is the climax.

Karu Palaniappan has tried his best to live up to the role. Unfortunately he misses out on his body language. The much needed pep is missing in his role. It is refreshing to see Meenakshi donning a different character. She has a major say in the script, which she seems to have utilised well. Santhanam's comedy sounds clich├ęd at many places.

Vidyasagar's music and Baskar Sakthi's dialogues are the USPs of the film. Both are good but a weak execution takes away the sheen. Ramnath Shetty camera captures Chennai well.

Too many loose-ends and a dragging second add no value to the movie. Produced by Indira Films, 'Mandhira Punnahai' is a movie which carried a lot of hype and expectations but fizzles out to be an ordinary fare.


Jeyasithar R


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