Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blogger Gets the Twitter and Facebook Share Buttons

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_WWYb1nN_MQE/TCXXNuvdBuI/AAAAAAAABPs/oMeUG3qaUjU/s200/Blogger+Gets+the+Twitter+and+Facebook+Share+Buttons.jpgBlogger has finally introduced some new sharing tools for blogs, enabling readers to spread their appreciation over email and social networks. Sharing is an important feature for bloggers. When your readers find an interesting post, they probably want to share it with other people; this in turn brings more traffic back to your blog. The new Twitter, and Facebook buttons can be placed under each post and let your blog readers easily share your post via email, Blogger, and popular social networks. It already has the Google Buzz button.

Jiho Han, Software Engineer at Blogger, announced, "The new buttons can be placed under each post and let your blog readers easily share your post via email, Blogger, and popular social networks - we now support Google Buzz, Twitter, and Facebook, and we plan to add more services in the future,".

As the share buttons are not enabled by default, bloggers would probably not have appreciated having the feature mess up their carefully created layouts, but they can enable them by going to the Design section of their blog's dashboard. In the Page elements tab, click Edit on the Blog Posts element and you'll find the "Show Share Buttons" checkbox. The new buttons will show up under your posts to enable readers to quickly share the item. The feature supports the most popular ways of sharing something, Twitter and Facebook, and, obviously, a Google Buzz option couldn't have been left out. 

For Twitter, Google also integrated the goo.gl URL shortener to give you the maximum space in the Tweet to add your own remarks.
Google says it may add more services in the future, but for the vast majority of people, these will be sufficient. There's no Facebook Like button from Blogger though and, the way things are panning out, there's little chance of it getting one any time soon.



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