Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thittakudi Movie Review

Starring: Ravi & Asvatha
Direction: Suntharan
Music: Selva Nambi
Production: Dr.R.Siva Kogul Raj
At one side, we have movies that take Tamil cinema to the next league with world class potential and at the other, there are such movies that even describing them would make one cringe. Director Suntharan's Thittakudi is one of those B graders simply made to add credit points to the director's profile and to make the producer Siva Kogul Raj's finances dwindle.
Set in the Thittakudi town, the movie follows the life of a waywardly young man (played by Ravi) who decides to take life in his hands in the absence of proper guidance. He makes merry, sleeps with every single willing woman, drinks and gambles and falls in love - or pretends to. And the poor girl (Asvatha) who falls for him loses her virginity, after which she is abandoned by him.
The villagers' attempt to bring the two together fails miserably and the girl gets married to another hopeless bloke. Now Ravi becomes destitute and seeks penance for having deserted the love of his life.
It's not only that the director has included many obnoxious scenes in the movie; in the name of twists he has packed it with malicious content.Although there was no justification for those scenes, the fact that he used such scenes makes a huge difference to the movie's social standing.
You don't tend to remember any of the performances by the end of the movie, no matter how emotionally dramatic the scenes were. Mainlybecause Thittakudi has no heart in its right place and comes across as rather hollow.
Director Suntharan probably wanted to give some sort of social message with his movie but the way he scripted the screenplay, the movie sounds more like a wannabe sensationalist. If loose morals that make people lose their minds and do pretty awful things do not count for sensationalism, what else will?



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