Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skyfire Browser 2.1 Available for Android

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_WWYb1nN_MQE/TCXNO9a-1tI/AAAAAAAABPU/2-WHbMah5zk/s320/skyfire+logo.pngSkyfire announced the release of its Skyfire Browser 2.1 for handsets running under Google's Android operating system. According to Skyfire version 2.1 including support for a new 750,000 additional websites that include Flash content. The new release follows the addition of over 500,000 new users within six weeks from the 1st launch on April 29th for Android. In just six weeks, Skyfire activations have reached the top 0.7% among all the 65,000 apps on the Android Market.


Skyfire Features:

    * Supports Flash web video with patent-pending adaptive streaming technology for smooth playback
    * Pinch to zoom (on Android 2.0 and above)
    * Multi-tab browsing - open up to eight windows and browse simultaneously using visual tabs
    * Choose to load full desktop webpages or mobile optimized versions
    * Clear session history easily upon exit to maintain anonymous browsing

Skyfire: Built for the Social Media Generation:  Skyfire is the first mobile browser built for the social media generation. It enables users to follow links from Facebook, Twitter, iGoogle, Digg, and more -- and play the videos on these deep links shared across social networks. The Share button on the SkyBar allows for easy sharing of content to multiple outlets. Skyfire also provides smart recommendations on any topic the user is browsing. With this feature, the user can access the latest news, tweets, videos, and popular blog posts on any subject,
with just a click on the Explore button on the SkyBar.

According to Jeff Glueck, CEO of Skyfire, "Skyfire's success on Android raises the bar for the mobile internet in general. Android users have demonstrated that smartphone users want all the content on the Internet to work on their devices, not just one or two 'mobile' sites,". "The content that matters changes each day and runs across millions of 'long tail' sites. Skyfire users don't need to wait for a WiFi connection to enjoy great video." 

Skyfire's Cloud Solves Mobile Video Problems that Adobe Flash 10.1 Will Strain to Resolve. Skyfire enables Flash video from across the millions of web sites that use the popular Flash plug-in. Skyfire plays Flash video by transcoding video files into HTML5 in the cloud and optimizing them for mobile delivery. Skyfire's cloud technology means videos play faster and smoother, with less buffering, less "stuttering", and better battery life.
In a series of tests conducted by Skyfire, users were able to watch twice as many minutes of video per hour, and conserve 30% more battery life, when compared to native Flash 10.1 being released this week on a subset of Android phones.  Watch this video to see Skyfire compared to Flash 10.1 in a side-by-side test:

Skyfire available on for download at Android Marketplace. Skyfire runs on Android 1.5 to 2.2 devices. To get Skyfire via the Android Market, launch the Marketplace application and search for "Skyfire".



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