Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Goripalayam Movie Review

A lot was expected from Rasu Madhuravan in 'Goripalayam', as he enthralled the family audiences with the feel-good entertainer 'Mayandi Kudumbathar'. But he has let down the fans coming up with a gory tale.

For, 'Goripalayam' is full of violence with blood spilling on the screen. The movie is nothing but a group of men running around with sickles and aruvals and interestingly there is no police anywhere. And Madurai has been portrayed as a violent and bloodbath town.

Though there are many emotional scenes in the movie, all gets missed with the filmmaker giving more thrust on violent scenes. Especially the second half is full of chase and stunts and in almost every reel a murder happens. The movie's theme seems to have been borrowed heavily from 'Subramaniapuram' and 'Renigunta'.

The film essentially talks about a group of youngsters, who goes on the wrong side of their lives, and eventually try to correct them. But the obstacles that they face once they try to reform is all what 'Goripalayam' is about.

As the title suggests, the whole movie is set in Goripalayam, a neighborhood in Madurai. The director has cast a group of youngsters in the lead roles besides a few filmmakers who worked in his previous films.

In a bid to get detailing of the Madurai town right, the director has missed out on the screenplay. Scenes unfold in a hurry and there are enough deaths, murders, chase and stunt sequences that makes you squirm in your seats.

Azhagar (Harish), son of a police constable, is tempted to take bad habits seeing his father in his younger days. Azhagar along with his friends A to Z (Ramakrishnan) Azhagappa (Manivannan) and Inippu Murugan (Prakash) lead a callous life smoking ganja all time.

They incur the wrath of everyone though they are good-hearted and ready to help others. Fate comes in the form of rich and influential Kazhuvanadhan's (Alex) family. His sons Karutha Pandi (Nandha Periyasamy) and Viruman (Ravi Maria) are feared by everyone.

The brothers mistake their sister of falling in love with Azhagar and kills her. They cover it up as suicide. Now they go behind Azhagar. But sequence of events leaves Kazhuvanathan dead and the blame falls on the four friends.

In a bid to take revenge on them, Viruman hires a contract killer Pandi (Vikranth), who is in the business only to educate his young brother. Whats happens after this forms the climax. It is gore and bloodshed all the way.

Ramakrishna, Harish and Vikranth have good screen space while Poongodi and Swasika do their part well. Singam Puli does an extension of what he did in 'Mayandi... ' Ravi Maria and Nandha Periyasamy are too loud.

Sabesh Murali's background score and Balabharani's camera work worth a mention. Had Rasu Madhuravan concentrated more on screenplay and cut down those needless violent scenes, 'Goripalayam' could have been a better fare.



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