Wednesday, June 23, 2010

‘Sura’ has music scored by Mani Sharma

Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay's 50th movie 'Sura' has music scored by Mani Sharma, the man who is supposedly busy with Telugu and Tamil projects. Perhaps being busy, has left him with little time that he has used the tunes of the best of his Telugu hits in this album.

The music will be a delight to the fans of Vijay with a few mass numbers that might excite them and imagining Vijay dancing to the tunes, it will be a visual treat at the theatres.

Mani Sharma has used four lyricists that include veteran Vaali, Na. Muthukumar, Kabilan and Snehan, who all have done a decent job keeping in mind Vijay's mass image.

1. Thanjavoor Jillakkari - Listen here

Singers: Hemachandra and   Saindhavi

Lyricist: Na. Muthukumar

A youthful and fast song that will definitely match Vijay's dancing talent. The humming at the back is hum-worthy and will echo in your mind. Hemachandra and Saindhavi add that essential pep in this duet. A noticeable point in the song is the usage of the chorus and the humming in between verses. The beats might remind you of a few songs composed by Mani Sharma before. And just like the trend would be, a few English words in the lyrics have been penned by Muthukumar, making this number youthful.

2. Vetri Kdi Yeathu - Listen here

Singers: Ranjith and Mukesh

Lyricist: Vaali, S.P. Raajakumar

The song starts of with a composition that conveys a symbol of victory or achievement and then the song has a short stanza talking about the hero. This song is probably this introduction. With a steady tempo, Mani Sharma has used the percussions to good effect, with a catchy tune and the humming of the chorus. Ranjith's voice is bright as usual and his Tamil diction is flawless. Vaali's lyrics talk about the hero's attitude towards life and the society.

3. Vanga Kadal Ellai - Listen here

Singers: Naveen and Maladhi Lakshmanan

Lyricist: Kabilan

This is a mass number with folk beats and a quintessential Vijay movie song. Nothing really in this song will entertain you. Even the lyrics won't find your attention and you may even feel déjà vu listening to the music.

4. Siragadikkum Nilavu - Listen here

Singers: Karthik and Reeta

Lyrics: Snehan

All movie albums these days look like having at least one song with Karthik singing and this song satisfies that craving. A fast paced melodious song between the hero and the heroine, with lyrics about love. The music by Mani Sharma in this one is just another average fare composition. Except for Karthik and Reeta's voice, nothing is praiseworthy in this song.

5. Thamizhan Veera Thamizhan - Listen here

Singer: Rahul Nambiar

Lyricist: Kabilan

"Thamizhan Vera Thamizhan…" starts of with a catchy tune and Rahul Nambiar's voice adds energy to this song. This is basically a paean talking about the hero's dynamism. With some excellent humming and percussions, this song might see its way in the background of the movie.

6. Naan Nadanthal Adhiradi - Listen here

Singer: Naveen, Shoba Chandrasekar, Janani Madhan

Lyricist: Kabilan

Another hit tune in a recent Telugu movie, Mani Sharma has used the tune effectively for the Tamil version. This song is sung by Naveen, Janani and Vijay's mother Shoba Chandrasekar. The song starts of with some excellent 'string' work and continues with drums that make it a semi-fast song. The string composition is used skillfully in between as well. In between verses, the fillers are just about average and include English lyrics. Lyrics by Kabilan talk about the praises, both the hero and heroine exchange. Over all, a catchy tune.

All in all, as the movie would demand, this album is a mass entertainer that will entertain Vijay's enormous fan base. Though a few numbers entertain, this album is just above mediocre.



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