Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vijay is a Good Samaritan

He's the unstoppable! He's the invincible and he's the ever glorious Vijay! Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay celebrates his birthday today! Join IndiaGlitz in wishing him a wonderful year ahead and at the same time, find what he's up to now!

Vijay is sweetheart of the masses and a charmer with the others! Talk to one of his fans and he'll be gung-ho of his demigod! And may be if your fortunate enough, you would even listen to any popular track from his latest movie like 'Naan Adicha Thaanga Maate…'. Vijay's connection with his fans is tremendous! The man always listens to his fans and incorporates fruitful suggestions in his movies.

Vijay stands synonymous to 'Commercial Cinema'. Entertainment is guaranteed. His dance is flawless, thanks to his choreographers, you might get this feeling of – 'does he have bones?'. He's flexible and his dancing shoes are simply superb. Not just the dance, ladies and gentlemen, his fights are also equally entertaining. Thrashing the goons on screen, his fans go berserk seeing him fight! And end of the day, the fight could be a cause of friendship or for any of his family members, in simple terms (or in movie terms) sentiment! This is Vijay, the darling of the masses!

Vijay's characterization for every movie, is correlated to real life. He tries to live the common man's character in his movies, thanks to the image he has received. For example, He is the friendly auto-rickshaw driver in 'Vettaikkaran' and a fisher man in 'Sura'. He has also played the classy roles of business man, a cop and a lawyer, etc. Just gets to show you, his variety.

Punch dialogues in Vijay's movies are the biggest highlight. Confronting the villain, (least is the chances to hear the dialogues, as his fans, would be screaming at the top of their voice) Vijay delivers his dialogues with that fierce in his eyes that trembles villains! Entertainment quotient can't get better than this.

Not just the movie, Vijay is a Good Samaritan. He along with his numerous fan clubs has organized a lot of welfare activities to benefit the general public thus making him the hero off the screen.

Vijay is busy with a handful of projects. His forthcoming movies include 'Kaavalkaran' by Siddique and 'Velayudham' by 'Jayam' Raja. His fans are assured of maximum entertainment and perhaps can't wait to see their favourite hero strike soon!

Happy Birthday Vijay, A Wonderful Happy Birthday!



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