Friday, June 25, 2010

‘Putham Pudhu Kalai’ using latest RED Camera

Meet 'Putham Pudhu Kalai' director P.Jayender, who's getting together handsome hero Siddarth and Priya Anand along with another heroine Nithya Menon.

Introducing himself as an experienced ad film maker, Jayender humbly tells that he has a vast experience of more than 20 years behind the camera. He along with ace cinematographer P C Sreeram, set up an ad production company in Chennai and has been involved ever since. He proudly says that his production company has made more than 500 commercials for national brands.

Though starting as an ad maker, his first passion remains films, reveals the director. He admits saying he worked for two years to make the script of 'Putham Pudhu Kalai' that will be titled as '180' in Telugu. He said that the movie has high entertainment values and is made of a strong story base and even stronger screenplay.

Talking about high quality production values, the experienced ad maker he is, has used the latest RED cameras with highly effective sensors for the best product on screen. Apparently these cameras are being used for the first time in Indian cinema, he says. On asking about the Telugu title, the director says '180' as a title has received positive response, thanks to the tweets of Siddarth. Jayender says '180' forms the 'core idea' of the story.

Coming to the shooting schedules, the ambitious director reveals that the first schedule will start on 12th July and work continuously after that the film's unit will travel to USA for a brief period.

Anyways Jayender, welcome to Tamil cinema!



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