Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bale Pandiya - Balle Balle

Publicity designer-turned-director Siddharth Chandrasekhar has chosen the comedy route to reach the masses in his maiden venture that is full of fun, laughter and merriment. Quite like the title, a major part of the story has been inspired by the yesteryear classic starring Sivaji Ganesan.

'Bale Pandiya' is about an 'unlucky' dejected youth who wants himself to be killed. But soon he falls in love with a girl and life takes a pleasant turn for him. When he decides to live his life, he is cornered by troubles on all sides. How he overcomes them forms the crux.

Siddharth begins the movie on an interesting note. His description of each character is gripping. More a suave and urban way of handling the script, Siddharth has induced funny elements at right proportion in the first half. He manages to maintain the tempo in the second half too, but to a certain extent.

Pandian (Vishnu) considers him unlucky. All his efforts to come up in life end on wrong side. He approaches contract killer AKP (Amarendran) and urges to kill him. A shocked AKP is initially hesitant. Soon he decides to give him some time. Hence he gives Pandian some money and entrusts him with a job of turning a human bomb, a job that he should execute within 20 days.

But life changes for Pandian after he meets Vaishnavi (Piaa). They fall in love with each other. When Pandian decides to go tell AKP that he would rather prefer to live, he gets a rude shock. AKP and his men are found murdered. Now the blame falls on Pandian. Meanwhile, Vaishnavi gets kidnapped by a gang for a big deal. It's chaos and confusion everywhere, before Pandian sets things right.

Vishnu, after a rustic youth in 'Venilla Kabadi Kuzhu', plays a full-fledged role in the movie. He is more trendy and suave here. He does utilise the opportunity to romance, fight, emote and of course try his hands at comedy.

Piya looks more Western. Unlike her other films, she has a meaty role to play in it. Vivek as a Westerner has a solo comedy track. In places, he brings the roof down with laughter, while at many places he sounds clich├ęd. John Vijay, Jaya Prakash, Pandu, Dr Sharmila form part of the cast.

Music by Devan Ekambharam is the highlight especially the song 'Happy...' in which over 25 playback singers appear on screen. Cinematography by Soundararajan and Gurudev is pleasant.Produced by AGS Entertainment, 'Bale Pandiya' lives up to its title.


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