Saturday, October 2, 2010

Irandu Mugam - Double trouble

Tamil cinema was dominated by political satires once. But they hardly found favour with masses of late, as romance and commercial masalas started to rule the roost. At such a juncture, comes 'Irandu Mugam', a movie on contemporary political situation in Tamil Nadu by 'Oomai Vizhigal' fame Aravindaraj.

In a nutshell, it is about a youth who aspires to become a Minister. When he becomes one, he goes corrupt. The onus is now on his secretary to correct him. Karan plays the Minister while Sathyaraj is his upright and honest secretary.

Much was expected since Sathyaraj was in the cast. In the past his films like 'Amaithaipadai' had political overtone and went on to become hits. Unfortunately, 'Irandu Mugam' fails to match the hype as it stutters in pace and scenes unfold without conviction. Sathyaraj gets limited screen space and seems to be under utilised.

Parthasarathy (Karan) is the son of a cook and a political science graduate. He aspires to become a Minister. His mimicry skills get him acquainted with the Chief Minister, who comes to his village for a meeting. He impresses him to become local leader of the party. This incurs him the wrath of Thamizh Sakthi (Nasser), a leader of the same party, who wants to promote his younger brother.

Turn of events lead to Thamizh Sakthi helping Parthasarathy become MLA with a promise that he should be with him and support him in all shady deals. As it happens Parthasarathy now becomes a Minister. Their corrupt ways earn them money.

There is one Pavithra (Suhani) daughter of opposition leader who is in love with Parthasarathy. Meanwhile, enters Sarveswaran (Sathyaraj), an IAS officer, who is committed to clean the political system. He has a bad past. He hatches a conspiracy and succeeds in reforming Parthasarathy. The duo now starts to work for the welfare of the people and also bring to book the greedy and corrupt.

Karan and Sathyaraj have tried to their potential. Since the script lacks conviction, their efforts couldn't bear fruits. Suhani looks pretty. Nasser as usual impresses. The rest of the cast includes Anuradha Krishnamurthy, Kumaravel, Livingston, Kanja Karuppu, Anu Haasan, 'Anni' fame Malavika and M S Baskar.

Bharadwaj's music is a letdown and he has tried to compensate with background score. Abdul Kalam cranks the camera while Ruben J's razor-sharp dialogues at few places evoke applause. All said, 'Irandu Mugam' promises aplenty but delivers less.


Jeyasithar R


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