Saturday, October 2, 2010

Drohi - Friend, foe and fight

It has been quite some time since Kollywood saw an engrossing action-packed entertainer. Debut filmmaker Sudha K Prasad, a former associate of Mani Ratnam, has come out with a movie that is racy, taut and enjoyable in most parts.

For a woman director to handle an action theme quite convincingly is no ordinary thing. But Sudha has done that exceedingly well. Thanks to her technicians team that includes cinematographer Alphonse Roy and Editor Sreekar Prasad, the movie stands strong and tall.

Producers Mano Akkineni and Jaya Kalyana deserve due credit for choosing a script that is refreshingly different from the rest. Srikanth and Vishnu play lead roles with Poorna and Poonam Bhajwa giving them company. Pooja plays a crucial role.

The whole movie is set in Royapuram in north Chennai, an area known for its bubbliness. The filmmaker and her team deserve compliments for studying the locality and recreating it well on screen.

Samy (Srikanth), a Brahmin boy and his friend Karuna (Vishnu) grow up in the slums of Royapuram and attend the same school. Samy is a rough and tough boy and Karuna is cool as cucumber. They are close buddies.

One they see their class teacher (Pooja) is murdered before their eyes by a gangster. Dejected at local police not taking any action, the two boys kill him. But they are caught by cops. Karuna tells the police it was Sami who committed the murder.

Though both are bailed out of trouble, enmity brews between them. As years roll, hatred increases. Samy is against Karuna. Trouble erupts when Samy loves Karuna's sister (Poorna). In the meantime, one Sruti (Poonam Bajwa) loves Karuna. What happens between the two forms the rest of the film.

It is refreshing to see Srikanth finally giving his best on screen. He has tremendous potential and has been used well by the director. His expressions and body language deserve a special mention. Vishnu is not far behind. He is at his best giving a credible performance. He does his role with ease and elan.

Poorna and Poonam Bajwa set the screen on fire. Pooja deserves a special mention. Thyagarajan is also there. Stunts by Dilip Subbarayan are the highlight of the movie. Due credit should be given to music director Selvaganesh as couple of his songs are hummable. At times, the second half is too predictable. The length is also an eye-sore in the latter part. But these things may not stop you from enjoying 'Drohi'.


Jeyasithar R


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