Saturday, October 2, 2010

Moscowin Kaveri - Dry River


Kaveri usually disappoints Tamils. And 'Moscowin Kaveri' too is no different. The blame is on Ravivarman, the ace cinematographer who enthralled us with his camera work in many a film.

This maiden directorial venture of Ravivarman, which is produced by D Ramesh Babu, deals with modern day romance, especially live-in relationships between techies, without any shades of vulgarity. But lack of coherence in narration and disjointed scenes mar the flow.

As a result, good music by S Thaman and excellent cinematography among other aspects fail to add strength to the movie. In other words, it's like watching some beautifully crafted songs and scenes without any big connection in between.

Moscow (Rahul Ravindran) and Kaveri (Samantha) are IT professionals. It's love at first sight for Moscow on seeing Kaveri and she too accepts his proposal after a couple of scenes. The lover couple, who hails from villages, moves into a mansion and live together.

Even as difference of opinion arise between Moscow and Kaveri, the house they live turns out to be the hideout for Azhagu (Harshavardhan, son of veteran Y Gee Mahendra), a criminal who commits a high profile murder.

Tough circumstances the couple faces make them realise the strength of being together. At a time when they understand each other well, comes a clichéd climax which is not just predictable but tests patience too.

Rahul Raveendran is impressive while Samantha shines bright in her maiden movie (though two of her films are already out). Harshavardhan tries to menace but he doesn't have much work to do. Santhanam's comedy track is a damp squib.

Thaman impresses with his compositions while visuals give a rich and aesthetic feel to the film. Had Ravivarman concentrated on the script, 'Moscowin Kaveri' would have quenched the thirst of parched throats. To sum it up, director Ravivarman is no match to cinematographer Ravivarman.


Jeyasithar R


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