Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vilai - 'Price' fails to rise

Director Kamaraj has tried his hand at serving a strong message in 'Vilai', which is about innocent women being exploited and pushed to flesh trade. Thankfully the film maker doesn't stretch for effort here showing the dark sides, but he has tried to narrate a sequence of events to convey the theme.

The movie has some familiar names like Saravanan, Udhayathara and 'Nadodigal' fame Barani. What begins as a docu-drama suddenly changes gears to become a routine clich├ęd affair. The intention of the director seems to be right, but he falters at its execution. Events unfold at quick pace and at places defy logic, taking away all sheen.

Nandhu (Barani) and his sister Vandhana (Reethu Soni) live at Melur village with their parents. They quarrel with each other. Unable to tolerate it, their father arranges for Vandhana's wedding. Her brother however wants her to continue studies as she is a topper.

Vandhana comes with Nandhu to Chennai. She gets kidnapped by a call taxi driver and Nandhu begins his search only to come to know that she has been kidnapped by a gang running flesh trade. Now Nandhu takes the help of Assistant Commissioner of Police Shanmugavel (Saravanan), who had a bad past and had his young daughter kidnapped a few years ago.

He along with Nandhu goes on search and succeeds in finding her in the custody of a Mirchi Maya (Fathima), a dreaded woman don who runs prostitution houses in Andhra Pradesh. But there awaits a surprise for Shanmugavel. Also how Vandhana is saved is the rest.

Saravanan reminds one of Vijayakanth. He replicates the 'Captain' in his walk and mannerisms. Barani plays a desperate brother, while Reethu Soni as Vandhana is cute. The rest of the cast includes 'Yogi' Devaraj, Chandru and Amarasigamani among others.

The content was there to give a riveting film. But Kamaraj seems to have achieved only in parts. On the whole, the movie doesn't work wonders. However the director deserves pat for taking a relevant issue and discussing it.


Jeyasithar R


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