Thursday, July 8, 2010

3 item numbers in Jayachitra's film

We knew that Jayachitra is producing and directing a film titled Naane Ennul Illai' which is nothing but a real family movie with she herself handling scripting and directing while his son Amresh plays the hero and also doubles up as the music director for the film. A Kerala import Aryam Menon was signed as the heroine for Amresh and the shooting started early this year.

When the film was progressing there were more news about what was happening behind the scenes and they weren't very pleasant for the technicians who worked for Jayachitra. As it stood there for a change we now have a news on something which happened in front of the camera.

Sources say Jayachitra has canned a few sizzling item number for the film. Three 'kuthu' songs to be precise. Everyone thought the woman director would value the story more but Jayachitra is out to prove she is a pucca commercial director lesser to none.

The first item number was picturised on Gurlin Chopra who was the heroine of the film 'Thullal'. The second one was on sexy Flora who was he heroine of the film 'Sorry Enakku Kalyanam Ayiduchu'. If two weren't enough Jayachitra wanted a big fish to do the third item song and approached Shriya. Vigilant Shriya rejected the offer right away. Finally Jayachitra had to settle on her heroine Aryam Menon to do the item number.

With three item numbers taking more space we don't know what to expect from the film.



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