Friday, July 9, 2010

John Bips to host party for Mahi and his Mahi

The action from Dehradun will continue in Mumbai this weekend where Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s closest pals John Abraham and Bipasha Basu, will host a party for the newly-married Team India captain at John’s duplex penthouse apartment in Mumbai.
The party will have Dhoni celebrating his wedding and his birthday together which falls on July 7.
India’s most desired male got married yesterday at a Himalayan resort with Sakshi Rawat, his close friend John was present while Bips couldn’t attend due to her work commitments. The wedding was a very personal affair where only near and dear ones where present.
The party too is believed to be an exclusive one because the popular cricketer is comfortable with people close to him, according to Bipasha.
Well all the paparazzi will be glued to John-Bipasha’s house this Wednesday to see who Dhoni’s favorites are.


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