Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kanagavel Kakka Movie Review

After a few mediocre outings in the recent past, Karan seems to have gone the 'mass route' this time. 'Kanagavel Kaakka', directed by debutant Kavinbala, is a movie with a larger theme seemingly inspired by Shankar kind of movies.
Set out to preach a moral that there needs to be a complete overhaul in the judicial system of the country, the movies manages to sustain all interest thanks to noted writer Pa Ragahvan's dialogues. Crisp and sharp-edged, the dialogues especially towards the climax lighten up the proceedings.
A youth affected by greedy motives of a politician is forced to take arms. He launches a crusade against criminals who use the back door of the legal system to get acquitted. Eventually he takes on the politician. This is what the movie is all about.
Vel (Karan), works as a 'dawali' in a court. He comes across various cases, where the rich and influential guilty men escape from the iron-hands of law through money, influence and power.
In disguise, Vel kills them sending a strong message to everyone who bends the rule of law. In the meantime, a futile attempt by Velu to murder Law Minister Ayyanarappan (Kota Sreenivasa Rao) forces cops to investigate the issue.
A series of murders poses problems to them even as Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajendran (Adhitya Menon) is deputed to nab the criminal. There is a flashback which reveals Vel's motives.
A few years ago, Vel's father Muthu Rathina Sabapathy (Avinash), an honest judge is forced to see his wife and daughter killed by Ayyanarappan. But he escapes the punishment. Vel manages to get the job of 'dawali' and takes revenge on him. Did he achieve his mission forms the climax.
Karan is good as an angry young man. Especially towards the climax, he has come out with his best. Haripriya, a debutant, who falls in love with him, fails to impress. Kota Sreenivasa Rao plays a role that is typical of him, as the menacing villain, he is right there playing what he is known for.
Sampath Raj dons the role of a wicked lawyer. Aditya Menon is tailor-made for the cop's role. The rest of the cast includes Avinash, Sabitha Anand, Rajan and Divyadrashini among others.
Vijay Antony as usual comes up with racy tunes. More than his tunes, his re-recording is impressive. Shaji handles cinematography while Suresh Urs's editing makes the movie crisp.
A lengthy latter half and characters which lack the depth are major drawbacks. But Kavinbala consciously chose to go Shankar's route and manages to render a decent work with good support from Karan and Pa Raghavan.


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