Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pensingam Movie Review

‘Pensingam’. Apt to the title the female protagonist of the film roars against social evils and educates people on the need to propagate reformist ideas. Kalaignar’s whipping dialogues hit hard on your conscience. 
Directed Bali Sri Rangam and produced by J Nandini Arts, ‘Pensingam’ is about celebrating womanhood. It glorifies them and gives a whip at female infanticide besides stressing the need to empower them.
For 'Pensingam', Kalaignar has filled his pen with punch and pun. It is there to be seen and heard for all over two hours. The veteran, who wrote many a historical plays and novels, has touched upon a contemporary theme with references to MMS, SMS and video clips going on to say that he is in tune with time.
The star cast includes Uday Kiran, Meera Jasmine, Richard, Vivek and Radha Ravi. It has been a long time one came across such chaste Tamil in a Tamil movie. Thanks to Kalaignar for that.
Surya (Uday Kiran) is a forest officer, who admires his colleague Megala (Meera Jasmine). A do-gooder, he helps her to study IPS coming to know she aspires to become a police officer.
Enters Nagendran (Richard), a Tamil orator. Known for his reformist ideas, his lecture against dowry in a college attracts a student Prabhavathy (Sudharsana Sen). She falls for him and his ideals and marries him.
But post-marriage, she comes to know of his real side that Nagendran he is behind Prabhavathy's wealth. Efforts by Surya to set things right end in a soup. Prabhavathy is murdered and the blame falls on Surya.
A gang of baddies against Surya helps Nagendran. Enter Megala, who is now an IPS officer, and tries to bring to book the real culprit. The rest is how she accomplishes it.
Cameos by J K Ritheesh and Ramba add pep. Deva's music is to the mark and the song 'Aaha ...Vennaiyil Ezhuvathu..' (Penned by Kalaignar) takes us back to the black and white era in a colourful way.
All the star casts including Meera Jasmine, Uday Kiran, Richard, Vivek have a part to play. But somehow Kalaignar walks away with all honours with his fiery dialogues especially in the climax at the court hall.
'Pensingam' has its sore points too. An item number featuring Larencce Raghavendra and Lakshmi Rai and the abrupt end to a thriller are some. But thanks to Kalaignar’s blazing dialogues, the movie is entertaining.


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