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Milenge Milenge - Sweet chemistry, well performed

 What is it all about?

Kash ye agar 2006 hota toh ye picture semi hit toh jarror hota. But the 'timing' of the almighty and the thing called destiny cannot be explained. Satish Kaushik this time for Boney Kapoor gets inspired from the 2001 Hollywood rom com 'Serendipity' starring John Cussak and Kate Beckinsale.

'Milenge Milenge'
is a romantic bauble set in Bangkok, Delhi, this love story ignores physical attractiveness and runs on spiritual lanes of wish fulfillment, destiny, totally devoted to the notion that there is one special someone out there for everyone is sweet in its first half but the overtime in the second and hurried forced approach does the villainy in this rom com.

The Story…of course

Immy (Shahid Kapoor) and Priya (Kareena Kapoor) meet at a youth festival in Bangkok. Priya is a romantic at heart and expects her life partner to be a teetotaler, a guy who doesn't smoke and also, who doesn't lie. Immy is totally opposite of what Priya wants from her life partner. Their world collides when Immy lays his hands on Priya's personal diary and learns of her likes and dislikes. He poses as her dream mate by giving her a totally different picture of himself.

While preparing to return to Delhi, Priya discovers the copy of her diary in Immy's room. She realizes that Immy has made a fool of her and decides to confront him. In the meantime, Immy confides in his friends that although he has cheated Priya, he is truly in love with her. But Priya appears in front of him and all hell breaks loose. She decides to end the relationship.

Immy tries to regain her trust by telling her that they are destined to be together. Priya decides that if it is destined that they be together, then they will find each other in Delhi again, although both do not know each other's whereabouts in Delhi. Three years later, Immy returns from abroad, while Priya is now settled in Mumbai. Immy is engaged to a family friend's daughter (Aarti Chhabria), while Priya has also moved on in life. She is in a relationship with a pop singer.

Both of them are about to be married, but after all these years, they still have this nagging feeling that the other was his/her true love. Of course, fate conspires to bring them back together (after several near misses) as they simultaneously undertake one last attempt to find one another just before they get married to someone else.

What to look out for?

The sentiments at the heart of the picture are highly romantic, the first half is engaging though Shahid and Kareena very younger the way they looked during 'Yuva' but their chemistry is still so sweet on screen. It's a typical Bollywood rom com and the movie opens with a cute meeting when the boy sees his dream lover sleeping like an angel on a full moon night.

The first half is engaging, Satish Kaushik handles those scenes effectively especially the debate on anti smoking is finely done. You start believing that like 'Wanted' Boney might get luck again.  Himesh Reshammiya's musical score is quite good. "Kuch To Baaki Hai" and the title track are good compositions. Technically decent. The movie has its share of fun. Shahid looks boyish and does a fine job. Kareena is fantastic. As said earlier the chemistry is cute. Delnaaz Paul and Sarfaraz Khan impress. Kirron Kher excels in a brief role.

What not?

Its dated look is its biggest villain. Anybody can see the promo and say that the lead pair looks so young. Camera doesn't lie. The second half is disappointing, Satish Kaushik make the lovers running here and there finding their where abouts but doesn't make the audience understand and feel their love. Aarti Chabaria, Himani Shivpuri is wasted. Strangely Satish Kaushik fails to create impact in his cameo and Satish Shah hardly amuses. Himani Shivpuri is wasted.


In spite of having ex flame Shahid and Kareena as lovers on screen, the passe look uninspiring, unromantic second half is its biggest drawback. Watch it if you must.

Rating **



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