Thursday, July 22, 2010

Veluthu Kattu Movie Review

SA Chandrasekaran, who is known for action-packed revolutionary themes, has ventured to produce a film with a newcomer Senapathy Magan wielding the megaphone in 'Veluthu Kattu'.
The movie has shades of usual SAC films all through and a storyline that is as old as the hill. A spoilt youth who reforms in life for the sake of his love is what the film is all about. Senapathy Magan has tried to make the venture commercially viable with item numbers, comedies and twists, which are enjoyable only in parts.
The script lacks punch and conviction at many places. The movie boasts of several characters with events unfolding at an uneasy pace during the second half. The melodramatic latter part of the movie reminds one of Vikraman.
Kathir (Kathir) and Arukani (Arundhathi) are childhood friends, who are very close. Since their school days, they are fascinated towards each other and resolve to marry once they become adults.
Kathir grows up to become a ruffian but his love for Arukani grows strong. When there is strong protests for their marriage, Arukani throws a challenge at him. She takes promise from him that he would go to Chennai and come back rich earning money through honest ways and she would wait for him till then. Kathir comes to Chennai and fulfills her desire. But he gets a shocker when he returns to his native place.
The whole film is centered on two principal characters played by newcomers Kathir and Arundhathi. They have tried to liven up to the proceedings with their performance complimented by a host of new faces. Kathir looks fresh but at places reminds Karthi of 'Paruthiveeran'. Arundhathi has a major role to play especially in the second part.
Music is by Bharani with a couple of hummable tunes, while cinematography is bright and good. Produced by S A Chandrasekaran, the movie by Senapathy Magan could have been much better had he concentrated on the script and trimmed it an interesting way.


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