Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kola Kolaya Mundhirikka Movie Review

After touching a serious theme in her maiden venture 'Vallamai Tharayo', director Madhumitha has taken to comedy in 'Kola Kolaya Mundhirikka'. With Crazy Mohan at the helm of affairs (penning the script), Madhumitha has succeeded in achieving her objective- providing fun and laughter.
Comedy is not an easy task and it takes a team to deliver their best to evoke laughter. Crazy Mohan has proved in the past that he with his pen possessing the skills to give flesh and blood to such genre of movies. And 'KKM' is no different.
If half the battle of Madhumitha is won after she managed to have Crazy Mohan in her team, the rest of the race was easily run by her thanks to having the likes of Jayaram, M S Baskar, Delhi Ganesh besides Karthik in the cast. The seasoned artistes understood their characters and played it with consummate ease.
The movie begins in a Zameendar family on a Krishna Jayanthi day. Fate has it that the owners are killed and the rich diamonds in a royal chair go missing. An employee in the Zameen (Delhi Ganesh) knows the whereabouts of the chair.
Meanwhile years pass by. Enters Krish (Karthik Kumar) and Veni (Shikha). They are cons involved in small thefts. Krishna comes to know about the diamonds from Delhi Ganesh and begins his search.
One Veerappan (Anand Raj), who in a way related to the Zameen, goes behind the property with his team. More confusion begins as Police Inspector Mathrubootham (Jayaram) and his aide Vyapuri come in search of details of a Swiss bank account hidden in a chip. What happens when all these men come across each other?
All credits to the star cast of the movie who bring the roof down in laughter. The dialogue delivery by Karthik and his body language is okay. Shikha is impressive. M S Baskar, Delhi Ganesh and Anand Raj are portrayed in a new light on screen. But walking with applause is Jayaram.
Crazy Mohan is at his full flow. His good clean humour is the highlight. The one-liners, which can be enjoyed with family, deserves appreciation. Music by Selva Ganesh is good. On the whole, it is a fun-filled summer ride that is sure to provide laughter.


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