Sunday, July 18, 2010

Krantiveer - The Revolution - Purana frame Nayi Tasveer

What is it all about?

Rata riti hota hai……… Rata meri jaan rata rat a rat, rattling hai mahan rata rat ta rat. Change the world by shouting and breaking the audience parda in the ears that's what Mehul Kumar the erstwhile entertainer feels. Now he wants his daughter to carry the message of change which our dear Nana did superbly in 1994.

The problem is, during 1994 the character of Nana was identifiable in that era of yell-o-yore when Nana ruled with his unique strength of adding his zing, color, flavor to those slogan cinemas like Krantiveer, Tiranga, Yeshwant etc. But this sequel Krantiveer hams and hams right from start till the end. Nana was playful, comic, and serious but this wannabe Bollywood kumari is unbelievably only serious.

The Story……Of course

Roshni (Jahan Bloch) has inherited not only the courage and sting of her legendary father (Nana Patekar) but also the spirited lingo and the indomitable style.

Like him, she too wants to rid the nation of its corpus of corrupt, over-the-hill netas who have no idea - and no desire - of clean governance. She joins a TV channel and becomes a firebrand investigative journalist who is hell bent on exposing any and every scam. And now you don't need to be an Einstein to guess what happens next.

What to look out for?

The movie is able to strike one message that youngsters should come forward and take charge of this suffering country otherwise sadly; the movie is mediocre in every department.

What Not?

The girl is yelling right from the word go and we don't know why is she so serious while reading the news also. The treatment is old fashioned that won't go with today's audience who wants things to be in undertone. The drama, the sting operations, the sleazy politicians, the item song, the greedy head honcho, the mandir masjjd and the transfer of footage from the 26/11 attacks fail to make any impact.

Conclusion: Go if you must.

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