Thursday, July 15, 2010

Apple Iphone 4 Price in India – Review and Launch Date of Iphone 4G

iPhone is a Internet and multimedia-enabled smart phones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. that combines an iPod, a tablet PC, a digital camera and a cellular phone The first iPhone was introduced on January 9, 2007.
The inbuilt features of this phones are Touch Screen, 2.0 megapixel camera located on the back, Multimedia, visual voicemail, a portable media player, and an Internet client, with e-mail, web browsing, and Wi-Fi connectivity inte¬grated address book, SMS, notepad which makes the whole plat¬form more extensible.
Till now 4 generation iphones have been introduced. They are:

    * • iPhone (original) – First generation iPhone with touchscreen interface
    * • iPhone 3G – Second generation iPhone with 3G and GPS
    * • iPhone 3GS – Third generation iPhone with improved camera and performance
    * • iPhone 4 – Fourth generation iPhone, features include higher megapixel camera, HD video, and improved performanceIphone 4G 300x190 Apple Iphone 4 Price in India Review and Launch Date of Iphone 4G

The iphone revolutionized the touch panel of mobile phones and has surely become a hand candy of a lot of people. It has a capacitance screen, a sleek design, as well as lot of hot features, like extremely user friendly interface, brilliant resolution, loads of exciting and superb applications, and a very receptive touch screen. The internet experience will keep you hooked and the YouTube streaming is acceptable. The email and texting is very comfortable. This phone will capture your attention at any cost. It is available with inbuilt memory of 8 GB , 16 GB and 32 GB variants.
The drawbacks are battery life is hyper low, Bluetooth transfer; camera and SMS forwarding left out, and enormously priced!!
Nevertheless it is not a super phone and has its limitations too which can be overlooked because of the features like rich dimension, applications and the overall look. It can be best corporate phone for business purpose. The latest launch Apple Ihone 4G came in market last month and it is expected to be launch in India by end of September.



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