Monday, July 12, 2010

Nokia 5230 Smartphone – Symbian Advantage

Symbian OS

When buying a multimedia phone most of the people look for features such as Camera, Music Player, 3G, Wifi etc. but very few enquire for the Operating System which is the most important aspect. Cellphone companies take benefit of this and do the marketing telling high megapixel cameras and other multimedia features.
If your cellphone is based on a operating system such as Symbian, Windows Mobile, Mac OS, Linux or Android then it is a true smartphone with support for 3rd party applications. So, next time when you will shop for a phone don't forget to check whether it is a cellphone or a smartphone.

Smartphones are smarter so they are usually costlier. From long time i have seen that Nokia is the only cellphone maker which is able to offer smartphones in affordable price range. Nokia smartphones are based on Symbian OS. You may remember the Nokia bestseller, 6600 which was based on Symbian S60v2 OS. Later on came Symbian S60v3. Nokia 95 and N73 are based on it.
Nokia launched its first touchscreen smartphone 5800 XpressMusic based on Symbian S60v5. So, Nokia touch phones are based on Symbian S60v5. The other phones based on this OS are Nokia N97, N97 Mini, X6, 5530 and the newly launched cheapest Nokia touchscreen smartphone, 5230. Samsung and Sony Ericsson also have Symbian touch phones but they belong to high end market. Samsung Omnia HD and Sony Ericsson  Satio (Idou) are also based on Symbian S60v5.

The biggest advantage of  Symbian OS is support for 3rd party applications. There are thousand of useful applications and games based on it, which can make your day to day life much easier. The applications range from web browsers, video players, audio players , utilities , internet apps etc. My first smartphone was Nokia N-GAGE QD based on Symbian S60v1 and since then i have never used a non smartphone. Currently i have Nokia N82 and I'm planning to get my hands on Nokia 5230 as soon as it is made available for purchase.



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