Monday, July 12, 2010

Nokia 5230 Hacking Tutorial

If you have used a symbian smartphone before you may be aware that Nokia has introduced a cumbersome signing process as a security measure to install apps, games and themes. To get rid of it the only solution is hacking your cellphone. Hacking lets you install all the applications, games and themes directly without signing. There is a very cool free application to do this task called Helloox2 but it is unsigned so you will need to sign it first before installation. Follow the simple procedure with screenshots to hack your Nokia 5230 smartphone.

Nokia 5230  Hack

Screenshot 1

Go to Register and Login.

Nokia 5230  Hack

Screenshot 2

After logging in, click on  "Apply cer" as seen in "Screenshot 2″ above.

Nokia 5230  Hack

Screenshot 3

You need to fill the application form as shown in "Screenshot 3″ above. Find out the IMEI no of your Nokia 5230 by typing *#06# and fill it in the required field. After submitting the application form you have to wait for 24 hours.

Nokia  5230 Hack

Screenshot 4

Next day when you will login, click on "Signing Softs" as show above. Go to bottom of the page there you'll get the option to upload file.

Nokia 5230  Hack

Screenshot 5

Download unsigned Helloox 2.03 and save it in your PC. Browse for the software enter Remark and click on "Submit and Upload" button.

Nokia 5230  Hack

Screenshot 6

You're almost done. Download the signed version of Helloox 2.03 and install it in your Nokia 5230. After installing Go to Menu>Installed Apps>Helloox and run it. That's it your phone is now hacked!



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