Monday, July 12, 2010

It’s raining in Kollywood

We still can't afford to sing rain rain go away come again another day. Whether isolated or light or moderate or heavy, when it rains in Tamil Nadu it brings all round cheer to all. When the sky opens up and the rain god showers her blessings it is a welcome relief not just for us but for our film folk also. The monsoon season is a source of inspiration for our film makers. Whether to sing and dance or do something else writing how our film makers used rain would fill several pages. But remember our film makers take the blessing of rain God to create artificial rain in films all most all the times. Yet a wet respite is a welcome relief for the audience for many reasons.

It is interesting how rain has played a part in Tamil films and how different directors have used the rain. Rain is a poetic symbol for Mani Ratnam. Right from his first film in Tamil till 'Raavanan', rain features in almost every film of Mani Ratnam. Singing in the rain is a glorious feeling for his heroines. Mani made rains speak in his films either for songs or dramatic scenes.

The rain in his songs "Oho Megam Vanthathoa" in 'Mouna Ragam' is a confident statement. "Andhi Mazhai Megam" in 'Nayagan', "Puttam Pudhu Boomi Vendum" in 'Thiruda Thiruda', "Athadi Ammadi" in Idayathai Thirudaathey', "Uyire" in 'Bombay'. "Ven Megam" in 'Guru' and "Usure Poguthe" in 'Raavanan' spoke for his characters. Rains in Anjali, Thalapathy, Alaipayuthey and other films helped the drama to be taken seriously. Mani Ratnam is the only director who made rain look God.

In those days rain was used to portray a variety of emotions and interesting situations. Remember the MGR film 'Chandrodhayan' in which MGR sings the philosophical song "Budhan Yesu Gandhi Piranthathu Boomyil Etharkaga…" in the rains? When Sivaji Ganesan and Malini break into the romantic song "Kanaa Inbam Kaninthatheno" under the rains you feel light to fly. They were legends and they knew how to use imagery.

Rain is one single element that can successfully hold your imagination. Whether it is romance or heartbreak or sensuality or just simple playfulness rain can transport you there. In "Pothukitu Oothuthadi Vaanam" song in 'Payum Puli' or "Megam Kottattum" song in 'Enakkul Oruvan', Rajini and Kamal showed their strengths in rain.

Today rain is not poetic imagery but a property except for a few film makers. If in Mani's films rains are poetic reflections there are many today who don't miss an opportunity to drench his heroine in artificial shower to highlight his heroine's lavish curves. Rain and wet sari meant a lot more particularly in the 80s and 90s. There are many songs and situations then so that we leave it to your memory.

One rain song in recent times which made a difference to all connected with it is was "Adada Mazhaida" from 'Paiyaa'.

But the uniform trend since time in memory, films directors has used rains mostly and more effectively for songs. The list of Kollywood rain songs is endless and they all had as many situations as possible.

Link to RAAGA and drench yourself in the rain. Happy raining and sing along.

I'm singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feeling
I'm happy again.

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