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How To Bypass Web Proxy Server Restrictions in XP, Vista and Windows 7 Read more at Suite101: Bypass Web Proxy Server Restrictions in XP, Vista and Windows 7

On Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, system administrators often block the use of web proxy servers on a PC due to the security restrictions imposed by the business or school. When a user attempts to configure Internet Explorer to work with a proxy server, all of the options related to proxy server configuration are grayed out. However, there is still a way to use a proxy.
About Free Web Proxy Servers

A web proxy server is a host on the internet that serves as an intermediary between the user's computer and the website server on the other end. Traffic from the user goes to the proxy server, which forwards it to the website. Data coming from the website goes to the proxy server, which is then forwarded to the user.

When network administrators block websites, it's impossible for data packets to go directly from the user to a banned website. However, it's sometimes possible to bypass those restrictions by having all web traffic go to a proxy server instead of a banned website. The proxy would then forward packets to the banned website.

Keep in mind that the same organizations that ban the browsing of certain websites also block free web proxy servers on a regular basis. Although lists of free web proxy servers are generally easy to find, they may not work at all since they've all been blacklisted. Many firewall products such as SurfControl update proxy server lists very regularly in order to make it difficult for users to bypass web browsing restrictions.
Configuring a Free Web Proxy Server with Firefox or Opera

Not all web browsers make use of the proxy server settings from Windows. For example, both Chrome and Safari inherit the proxy settings from Windows. This means Chrome and Safari are not suitable candidates for those who want to use a web proxy server. However, two suitable web browsers include Firefox and Opera, since neither rely on Windows to configure their proxy settings.

In Firefox, click on Tools and then Options. After that, click on the Advanced button and then click on the Network tab. Finally, press the Settings button to configure the proxy server.

In Opera, click on the red partial O icon in the top left of the browser, followed by Settings and then Preferences. After that, click on the Advanced tab and select Network from the list on the left. Then click on the Proxy Servers button to configure the proxy server.

Windows system administrators who wish to block users from using these web browsers need to prohibit users from installing programs on the PC.
Paid VPN Hosting and SSH Web Hosting

For those who cannot find any unblocked proxy server, two last ditch options are to make use of a paid VPN hosting service or paid SSH web hosting service. Keep in mind that websites selling paid VPN hosting or SSH web hosting services may be blocked as well. However, there is a chance that the actual servers being used for VPN or SSH may not have been blocked. SSH in particular may be useful for those who can't install programs, because the Windows based PuTTY program does not require installation to be run.

Read more at Suite101: Bypass Web Proxy Server Restrictions in XP, Vista and Windows 7



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