Sunday, July 11, 2010

Money- 3 By JD Chakravarthy

Remember the comic series from Ram Gopal Varma – Money and Bramhanandam's 'Khan Dada' character?  First was 'Money' and then the sequel was 'Money Money' both being super hits. The third part, titled as 'Money Money More Money' is coming up and it will be directed by J D Chakravarthy.

JD who was associated with both the prequels before, will take care of the story and screenplay besides direction. The new movie will be produced by Raghunath and Narendar for Simhapuri Talkies who have produced dubbed movies like 'Ananthapuram' and 'Sarvam' earlier. Talking to the media about their new venture, the producers were happy and felt they were fortunate to produce the third part to a hit comedy series.

They also pointed out that this may be the first time that a third part is being made for a Telugu movie. JD Chakravarthy who's directed two action movies 'Homam' and 'Siddham' before will handle a comedy script for the first time. The producers expressed their confidence that JD will handle comedy with finesse.

'Money' and 'Money Money' created a rage then with super hit songs, excellent characterization and timing comedy. The makers of the movie hope to live up to the expectations and create the magic again. Bharani K Dharan will handle the camera for the movie.

Other information about the movie will be announced soon. Watch out for this space! The 'Money' craze is back!



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