Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sameera turns student

The beautiful actress she is, Sameera has learnt everything from dance to dialogue delivery. Though cinema is an ocean that has lot to offer, Sameera has little knowledge in critical things like naxalism and the like.

However, the actress is now equipped to take a seminar on Naxals and their theories, as she plays a Naxalite in 'Red Alert: The War Within'. Based on a true story of a Naxalite, the film is directed by Anant Mahadevan.

"Ever since I have been roped in for the movie, I have been researching on these people. Anant had handed me a file on Naxalite reports which I studied besides watching television footage," says Sameera.

"I play the role of Lakshmi, an ordinary girl who gets raped and turns to violence. Women Naxals have a tougher life than men and are usually more passionate about their cause. It is definitely a sensitive issue," she adds.



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